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Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn't the man he used to be, or the asset he once was. Five months ago his life changed forever when he was captured, tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim, one of the world's most violent terrorists.Carl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn't the man he used to be, or the asset he once was. Five months ago his life changed forever when he was captured, tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim, one of the world's most violent terrorists. When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris, linked to the kidnapping of America's Attorney General, Logan smells his chance for revenge. Pursuing his man relentlessly, oblivious to the growing trail of destruction that he leaves in his wake, Logan delves increasingly deep into the web of lies and deceit surrounding the kidnapping. Finally, he comes to learn just what it means to Dance with the Enemy....

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Dance with the Enemy Reviews

  • Lee
    2019-04-28 15:26

    Wow, what a book, I loved it!! Rob Sinclair has an innate ability to draw you in and take you on an amazing ride, the character of agent Carl Logan is so authentic and Sinclair portrays him particularly well. All the characters in this story are well developed, the plot is fast paced, intriguing and totally entertaining. I really can't recommend this book highly enough. I will now be looking for more books from this wonderful author. Thank you to Netgalley, the author and publisher for this ARC in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jennifer Kirkwood (Levac)
    2019-05-02 13:26

    I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review. Check out more reviews at I really enjoyed this story first from the beginning. It hooks the reader into the life of Carl Logan. We learn just a tidbit of information about his recent past and always kept at a distance for what he does for work. We know he gets the bad guys and it is super dangerous. He does what needs to be done to get them. Carl has been off work after being injured, again we only learn a bit about this, then he is called back on a new mission after the Attorney General of the USA is kidnapped. This all happens in the UK. The action is fast and furious. I found some of it even brutally ugly that I grimaced at the thought of what was happening. Who is this lady FBI that shows up out of nowhere? I really thought that this was making the plot even better, I really didn't see what was coming until the very last minute. The author does a great job with that one for sure! I must say I was hoping to see a loving relationship build between Logan and Grainger.Keeping me on the edge of my seat. I found all the characters were really well developed and I could really feel for the main character, what he has went through and what he is still dealing with. I am looking forward to book two. I love a fast paced detective/crime/thriller and this has been a great start to the series. I give this book a 4 out of 5 stars!

  • Malina Skrobosinski
    2019-05-16 12:15

    Move over Jack Reacher, we've got a new badass, say hello to Carl Logan!Can we all just take a moment and give Rob Sinclair a round of applause on his first published novel! Wow, I'm seriously impressed! This is probably the best thriller I have read in a long time... I feel cleansed!Carl Logan is a member of the JIA, Joint Intelligence Agency, a secretive intelligence organization funded equally by the UK and US governments. The JIA is called in to carry out black-ops and covert operations under the radar. They are an organization far enough removed to give its agents the room they need to carry out operations as they see fit. Carl Logan sees his role as that of your classic spy and a private investigator; his skill is doing whatever it takes to get a job done, whatever the job may be. He is one of the most experienced of the JIA, but he's also one of the most damaged. Carl is currently suffering from PTSD, and his boss, Charles McCabe, or Mackie as he was known by all those close to him, is questioning his decision on putting him back in the field. Carl had been trained to handle extremes such as heat, cold, thirst, hunger, pain and physical endurance, and he knew how to control and suppress his feelings. The JIA had turned him into a living, walking, talking machine. That is, until Carl came face to face with Youssef Selim, one of the world's most violent terrorists. Carl was held captive and tortured by Selim, and barely managed to make it out alive. Since that day he's imagined what he would do if he ever came face to face with Selim again. When Carl is put on the case of the kidnapping of the U.S. Attorney General, Frank Modena, Carl learns that there is a possible connection to Youssef Selim. Carl's mind is racing, he's feeling everything from joy to fear at the prospect of defeating his foe. He wanted his revenge. He wanted Selim dead. Once the investigation gets underway, we quickly learn that Carl isn't exactly known for doing things discreetly, he's impulsive, irrational, and unhinged. Though he has the making of a James Bond or Jack Reacher, I couldn't help but think of John McClane from the Die Hard movies. Carl is what you would consider a bit of a screw up, but he somehow manages to get the job done. Carl's inability to be discreet lands him into a bit of trouble and he soon runs into the FBI; Special Agent Angela Grainger. Angela is forced to make a decision, turn this man in, one that she believes is guilty of a crime, or to trust him in that they are on the same team. Angela has made her decision and she decides to trust Carl Logan, though quickly after she starts to question her decision. As they both work towards a common goal, saving Modena, unexpected circumstances bring Angela and Carl closer. They soon discover that they may have more in common than just saving Modena. As they begin to open up to one another things progress and next thing you know, Carl has Angela down to her cotton knickers! Sinclair's portrayal of the antagonist, Youssef Selim is terrifying. He's everything you would expect a terrorist to be and then some. I must warn you, there are some pretty graphic torture scenes, so graphic that not only did I find myself wincing, my stomach was also doing flips at just the thought of the pain. I enjoyed that it's much later in the novel when we learn about what really happened to Carl at the hands of Selim. I found that his retelling of what happened to him at that point in the novel was really impactful and sets you up perfectly for the events that are about to unfold. I'll tell you what I enjoyed most about this novel... the twist... wow... really didn't see that coming. I knew there was a twist based on other reviews, but boy was it a doozy. This is not your classic caught the bad guy and now everything's all better kind of read. As far as writing style, I found Sinclair did an excellent job with descriptive writing, really allowing you to be apart of the scene. Let me remind you, so descriptive I came close to gagging. I thought the dialogue really flowed and allowed the novel to progress quickly. There were only a couple areas in the book when I thought to myself... An American wouldn't speak quite like that, but it wasn't enough to keep me from reading onward. So again... great job Mr. Sinclair. I've got your next book, Rise of the Enemy, in hand and I'm certain it's going to be as good as this one! I want to thank Clink Street Publishing and NetGalley for giving me the opportunity to read this thrilling novel in exchange for my review.

  • Matt
    2019-05-18 12:19

    In his first novel, Sinclair offers the reader an interesting spin on a long-used thriller approach. Carl Logan is a man whose come off the rails. A long-time member of the JIA, a covert joint US-UK agency whose agents act well below the radar. After Logan was captured and tortured by Youssef Selim, he is unable to function effectively and finds solace in the bottom of a highball glass. During a trip to Paris, the US Attorney General is kidnapped and his motorcade decimated. Logan is pulled back from the brink to help locate the AG, fuelled mainly by a chance to enact revenge on Selim, whose men are allegedly behind the event. While many at JIA are leery of Logan, he's given a short leash and limited time to prove his worth. As the bodies begin to pile up, Logan's head is in a noose and he must remain off any radar if he hopes to reach Selim and save the AG. When FBI Special Agent Angela Grainger locates him, she can Logan begin running the mission on their own and soon discover a larger plot, in which Selim is only a player. However, when Logan has the chance to come face to face with Selim, he cannot stand down. What is the reason for the AG's kidnapping and how does Selim play into the larger plot? Sinclar keeps the reader wondering as the story progresses, with twists and turns perfect for the curious reader to enjoy.Sinclair does a great job in fleshing out his Carl Logan character. While this is apparently the first in the series, there is enough backstory and reference to previous cases that the reader is left to wonder if Sinclair is paving the way for a prequel novel down the road. Even the Selim-Logan storyline would be a wonderful story, should it be fleshed out later on, as the hatred between the characters is wonderful. I stumbled upon Sinclair as I was asked to read and review the second novel in the series, but thought I ought to do my due diligence and delve into the Logan persona a little more before offering publishers a formal opinion of the man of mystery. The story moves well, though progress lags at times and there was little movement to offer for long periods of time. While Logan is no Bond, he does try to portray himself as one at times, as Sinclair peppers the narrative with a little romance to cut some of the killing tension. Overall, things moved nicely, though the use of a thriller novel rubric left some things highly predictable. An entertaining piece of work, which I hope is built upon in the second and subsequent novels.Kudos, Mr. Sinclair for a good first effort. You can keep the reader's interest and have a great character on your hands, should you wish to expand on his backstory. Like/hate the review? An ever-growing collection of others appears at:

  • Tracy Fenton
    2019-05-08 10:13

    A fast paced action thriller ideal for fans of Jack Reacher.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-02 11:16

    I actually read Rise of the Enemy which is the second in The Enemy series first. After reading Rise of the Enemy I had to read Dance with the Enemy to see where it all started for agent Carl Logan.Carl Logan after having a hard childhood gladly welcomes the world of being an agent. Obviously being an agent has its downsides which Carl discovered when he suffered at the hands of Youssef Selim. Months later he is on a mission to save Modena but discovers that his arch enemy is also in the area and maybe linked with the kidnapping and Carl wants revenge.Dance with the Enemy is certainly full of action and have to admit to feeling slightly sick whilst reading some of the parts describing the torture to one of the characters. It certainly is quite a dark yet thrilling read.Carl Logan has his issues but yet he manages to stay strong, through agent Grainger we get to see the more vulnerable side to Carl which was enjoyable to read.The author has created a character who is a force to be reckoned with and would certainly recommend to anyone who likes conspiracy and spy thrillers.

  • Claire
    2019-04-29 10:23

    Actual rating 4.5/5*From the off, I felt like I'd be dropped into the start of a James Bond film. Beautiful Paris, the city of love, US government bigwig with his young female assistant in convoy with the Secret Service. Suddenly guns and bodies everywhere and the US official is bundled away and disappears. Enter Carl Logan, super spy with baggage. Logan is a total action hero, rugged, butch, hardcore fighting machine, much harder and grittier than Mr Bond. He's a cross between the aforementioned Mr Bond and Frank Martin. I could imagine Jason Statham playing Carl Logan if the books were to be put on the silver screen. I felt I was there in Paris and along for the exhilarating ride with Logan, every car chase, gun shot and bad guy encounter. I can't wait to read Rise of the Enemy....I'm glad I don't have to wait long as it's my next read!!Thank you to Netgalley and Clink Street Publishing for sending me this ebook to read and review.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-09 10:26

    Dance with the Enemy by Rob Sinclair 5/5 starsFirstly staying vague and spoiler free I will just say that if you haven't yet read this book don't read this review as further down it will contain spoilers instead go read the book as it's brilliant ******Ok spoilers below you've been warned*****On starting this book I was wary that it would need to grab me instantly as I tend to dip into the thriller genre between chick lit and romance reads so if it doesn't grab me instantly I get bored.....within a couple of pages I was hooked

  • Kelly
    2019-05-15 10:18

    Putting this one down for now. Not sure I'll get back to it. I like my thrillers sans preachy political garbage...

  • Bev
    2019-04-29 12:11

    Hooked!! Excellent start to a series. Was introduced to this book by a book club I am a member of and received in exchange for an honest review. This does not affect my review in any way. Excellent first novel and can’t wait for more. Dance With The Enemy introduces Carl Logan, a covert operative for a British/USA Joint Intelligence Agency, who is on medical leave and in recovery after a life changing ordeal.Before he has had chance to recuperate fully he is back working for JIA and his boss Mackie (Charles McCabe) due to the Attorney General Frank Modena being taken hostage whilst visiting Paris. Logan is the man for the job and who is entrusted with bringing Modena home alive!Logan learns that Youseff Selim is involved. Selim is the terrorist who left him for dead and with mental and physical scars (as becomes apparent as you are gripped reading the book).Whilst trying to locate Modena and Selim, Logan meets FBI Agent Angela Grainger (Angie) and they end up teamed together working on the same case for different agencies. Each is cautious of the other and both pursuing their own hidden agendas. They also end up embarking on a relationship which is fulfilling in helping them deal with their respective demons but also causes trouble along the way.Logan has a habit of needing some of his tracks covered up by his boss Mackie along the way which makes you query his training and the job he is employed to do, but you come to realise reading the book that his ways do get the answers just not the way you might think. The book is fast paced, with plenty of twists and turns and the ending has me wanting to read the next book. I am aware that this is the start of a series and I can’t wait for the release of the next book, which I believe is sometime this year. He is as good as Lee Child and James Patterson, writes with ease and makes you want to keep turning the pages; has you hooked and wanting more. Not a bad book for a bet from his wife that he couldn't write a can’t put down thriller – he has succeeded and look forward to reading more by this author.

  • Sanda
    2019-05-13 14:26

    It's been a while since I dipped my toes in this particular corner of the thriller genre - the action packed kind and Dance with the Enemy turned out to be a perfect refresher course. Carl Logan is a special kind of special agent - the kind that belongs to an agency that doesn't officially exists and the kind trained to solve cases using whatever means necessary. Flying under the radar is essential to his work but of course with Carl it never seems to work out like that - at least not when it comes to the case Dance with the Enemy deals with. (but then what fun would it be reading about an agent who always follows protocol and does everything by the book - all the interesting and popular agents and spies have that element of a "wild card" to them)This book is perfect for the fans of Robert Ludlum, Jim Grant and early James Patterson works. The case itself is intriguing, new layers to the storyline constantly being uncovered and it is one of those books you will not want to put down. Set in Paris, the story introduces us not just to Carl Logan but also to a whole array of fascinating characters. I loved the fact that a considerable part of the book deals with the effects this job (and his last case) has on Logan. My favorite parts of the book revolved around the interactions between Logan and his boss Mackie. (who also happens to be quite a character)Mystery, action, violence (I'm sure fans of the genre are never surprised by that aspect of the story but just thought it was worth mentioning that this is not for the faint of heart) and a highly sympathetic protagonist make for a winning combination. Grab a copy of this book, put the rest of the world on "pause" and immerse yourself in the world of Carl Logan. Once you do you will join the club of those eagerly awaiting the next book in the series.

  • Shell Baker
    2019-05-05 12:34 about keeping me on the edge of my seat! This is going to be one hell a series, I absolutely loved Dance With The Enemy, which is the first instalment in the Carl Logan series.The prologue starts off introducing Carl Logan giving us a snippet of Carl from what happened 5 months ago being tortured and left for dead, which left me wanting more. Agent Carl Logan is out to seek revenge with Youssef Selim who is one of the world's most violent terrorists. When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris, linked to the kidnapping of America's Attorney General. We are also introduced to FBI Special Agent Angela Grainger. Can she help Carl track Youssef Selim down?!I loved the chemistry between Granger and Carl and I am left wondering if there is more to come with them or not. The story set in Paris and I actually felt like was there with Carl with Rob's wonderful description.This is one hell of an action packed ride. There is some dark stomach turning tortures in this book which for me I loved it adds to a tense gritty on the edge of your sit feeling. Rob definitely knows how to draw the reader in and hold you there. This is one hell of a page turner. With some added twists. I have to say this is one explosive debut novel which had me well and truly hooked. I can not wait to get cracking with the second book in the series Rise of the Enemy. I feel there is lots more to come with Carl logan.This is ideal for fans of Jason Bourne and Jack Reacher I am giving this a massive 5 stars I can not tell you enough how awesome this book is.Thank you to Clink Street Publishing and netgalley for a copy in exchange for a honest review

  • Fara
    2019-05-04 14:31

    DANCE WITH THE ENEMY is one of those thrillers that hit you in the gut about 20 pages in when you realize that you have something in your hands that you can't bear to part with!!Carl Logan seems to be just another washed out, drunk, used up international agent at the dregs of his career with a boss who knows that there's still a drop of life left in him left to wring out. And, wring out he does. Like a rabid dog who won't let go, Logan who is hated by every one else in supervision, continues through twists and turns that even the best thriller reader could never begin to imagine as he is tasked to find the Kidnapped American Attorney General.We are not talking a few twists, but almost what seems like a major twist per chapter! And, even then, I could not catch my breath and I am really, REALLY GOOD at these things!I am so excited that Mr. Sinclair has got another book coming out soon. Please keep your eyes open for RISE OF THE ENEMY, because he is a GENIUS!!

  • Uwe
    2019-05-07 11:25

    The book should have another title ...... you are kidding me ! Because this is it, you are kidding me. The story could have been good and the action might have been interesting, BUT the way this character Carl Logan handled the situations as a " agent" trained to kill since he was seventeen is just a farce !Wow, not only one flaw, the whole book is full of it .......unbelievable. There is only one reason I can find somebody is writing like got no clue and you never read anything else!A Secret Service Agent who gets out of the car and hands over his gun ???Breaking into a lawyers office to steal a file and hey he actually had the top secret info in it ?????He is breaking the stearing wheel in his car because he is handcuffed to it and can't open them ? as a top agent ? after this he tries to shoot the handcuff with closed eyes ?? And after two times he really got it and thinks he can put the wheel back on ??? PLEASE WHOEVER HELP US !

  • Joel Hames-clarke
    2019-05-14 12:16

    An excellent thriller, with a little more thrown in.A superb, entertaining read, this has everything you’d hope for in a thriller – a great plot, some surprising twists, a gripping pace and snappy dialogue. What takes this book beyond being merely excellent within its genre is a fascinating central character with a well-developed background, and a supporting cast that manage to intrigue the reader at the same time as driving the plot along like a rocket. You don’t want to stop when you’re in the middle of this one, but if you do, you’ll be thinking about it until you pick it back up again.Highly recommended, and I look forward to reading more by the same author.

  • Michael Martz
    2019-05-16 15:34

    This was not a very good book. At a very high level, the plot seemed interesting, but the execution of the story line was poor. The dimensions I typically look at in reviewing novels (dialogue, writing style, character development, believable situations, tightness of plot) were all well below par. I'm always on the lookout for new talent in this genre, but unfortunately this one didn't work for me.Hopefully, Mr. Sinclair will improve his technique and tighten up his storytelling in subsequent efforts in this series.

  • Susan Angela Wallace
    2019-05-26 15:25

    I received this as an arc from net galley in exchange for an honest review. Logan has a mission. .....To rescue Modena who has been kidnapped. Logan ' s enemy Selim is behind it. He will find him. OMG. Wow. Absolutely fantastic read. CNPID. I loved the story and the characters. Logan was of course my favourite character. I really didn't like Selim. Evil. What a cliffhanger at the end. This is a must read and I would highly recommend this book. Definitely worth more than 5 *.

  • Pamela
    2019-05-10 11:31

    I am astounded this book received so many high star reviews. I've read reviews comparing it to Tom Clancy or Lee Child's Jack Reacher character, which is an insult. The dialogue is stilted, the characters are boring and their actions are absurd. The plot is interesting, but doesn't pass muster due to ridiculous and utterly unbelievable storyline situations.

  • Trish
    2019-05-18 12:19

    Great plot, interesting characters This is the first book by this author that I have read. It was well placed, well thought out, and well written. I have already purchased the second book in the series.

  • Ann Girdharry
    2019-04-28 16:22

    Carl Logan is a covert operative working for the Joint Intelligence Agency. He’s also a damaged man, described as ‘unhinged and unstable’ by one of his unsympathetic bosses. There’s a reason he’s not the man he once was – Logan has been damaged by a run-in with a terrorist named Selim and it’s left him anxious, traumatised and questioning the meaning behind his work. Most of the story is made up of the chase to find kidnapped American Attorney General Modena. The action takes us from Paris to New York and to rural France. Logan teams up with an FBI Agent Angela Grainger. He’s got revenge on his mind as it turns out Selim might be involved in Modena’s kidnapping. Grainger also has other motivations for her involvement that will play out later in the book. Full of action and with a rising body count, the plot gallops along. Logan and Grainger make a good team, and a romance begins between them. There are some scenes where Logan’s luck, and over use of muscle and gunmanship, make it a tad hard to swallow, but overall this was an entertaining read. The emotion works well as we realise that the ulterior, dark motives of both Logan and Grainger might be set to derail both their romance and the main operation to save Modena…At the beginning of the book, I didn’t much like Logan but about half way through I was completely on side. I think that’s because he comes across as a moral man with terrible choices to make. For that, he had my sympathies. Overall an easy and entertaining read.

  • Emmie
    2019-05-01 16:10

    This book had so many twists and turns, my head was spinning. I never foresaw that ending, not in a million years. Wow.When I started reading this book I wondered about the title and how it fit in with the story-line, well it was only at the end that I realized the significance. Rob Sinclair is a master at portraying his characters and tense situations. As a reader I was with Carl and later Angela every step of the way. Maybe I was too involved with the story to be objective about all the happenings. :-) I am overjoyed to see that the second book in the series is available. I cannot wait to pick it up and continue on this adventure.Thank you Netgalley and the publisher for providing me with the opportunity to read and review this book.

  • Lainy
    2019-05-14 13:22

    Time taken to read - < 3 daysPages - 361Publisher - Clink Street Publishing Blurb from GoodreadsCarl Logan was the perfect agent. A loner, with no real friends or family, he was trained to deal with any situation with cold efficiency, devoid of emotion. But Logan isn't the man he used to be, or the asset he once was. Five months ago his life changed forever when he was captured, tortured and left for dead by Youssef Selim, one of the world's most violent terrorists. When Selim mysteriously reappears in Paris, linked to the kidnapping of America's Attorney General, Logan smells his chance for revenge. Pursuing his man relentlessly, oblivious to the growing trail of destruction that he leaves in his wake, Logan delves increasingly deep into the web of lies and deceit surrounding the kidnapping. Finally, he comes to learn just what it means to Dance with the Enemy.My ReviewCarl Logan is our main character, a loner who works with efficiency, no hesitation and to order. However, after being at the hands of a terrorist when an op when wrong, Logan hasn't quite recovered yet. Pulled back for the job of uncovering who is behind the kidnap of an American attorney general and tasked to get him back Logan is back. Along the way he meets an unlikely partner but Logan doesn't work with people bar the boss, is this the exception and will they help or hinder.Ooh this is my first dance with this author and had work not got in the way, I could have read it in one sitting. Carl Logan echos Jack Reacher but has an emotional and vulnerable side that we don't get from Reacher. A good guy who is a hired gun, acts on his own and often going over the boundaries of the law to get the job done. He isn't without his flaws and I think that makes him more appealable to the reader as even in fiction, no one is really perfect.The story is fairly fast paced, from the opening chapter to present day and the case that bring Logan back. Some of the book is a bit brutal in places, from fairly graphic torture scenes and some killings so if you like your books light on that side this may not be the book for you. Many themes are covered, relationships, teamwork, procedures, murder and there are some sex scenes too, just an fyi!The character of Logan goes through a transition as he recovers, trying to do his job and deal with emotions that he isn't used to, due to his traumatic experience. A flawed character you can't help but root for, this is book one in the series, I will certainly be following up the next adventure. 4/5 for me, thanks to Netgalley for introducing me to a new author, a new series and a great character!

  • Cathy Ryan
    2019-05-06 15:31

    4.5 starsDance With The Enemy introduces Carl Logan, a covert operative for a British/USA Joint Intelligence Agency, who is on medical leave and in recovery after a life changing ordeal. Before his recuperation is complete he’s called in by his boss, Charles McCabe, when US Attorney General Frank Modena is abducted. When Logan learns Youseff Selim, the brutal terrorist who left him for dead five months ago could be involved with the kidnapping, he recognises a chance for revenge as his brief is to rescue Modena. The question is, is Logan ready for this new assignment? Most of the agency members don’t think so, only Mackie, Logan’s boss, is in his corner. Logan himself isn’t totally sure he’s up to this job. His previous assignment has had a profound effect on him, he’s lost the ability to contain and ignore the emotions he was trained to hold in check for the most part of his adult life.As Logan follows the trail which he hopes will lead to Modena and more importantly to Selim, he reluctantly teams up with FBI Agent Angela Grainger. Each is wary of the other and although they are working together, Logan is pursuing his own agenda. It seems he’s not the only one. The deeper Logan and Grainger delve and the more the case evolves and the less straightforward it becomes. The layers of deceit and lies need to be peeled back one by one to find the motives and the real mastermind behind the conspiracy.The writing is extremely well done and very descriptive with easy, genuine dialogue and realistic scenarios. Carl Logan is an intriguing character, complex and although he is recovering from the physical and mental damage he sustained he has the odd lapse, which makes him more human and realistic. He prefers to work alone and will do whatever it takes to get the job done. He’s circumspect when it comes to his job but has an emotional sensitivity giving his personality a balanced quality. His back story is revealed little by little throughout the story. I like that, although he’s determined and strong-willed, he can be unsure of himself and sensitive at times. The action scenes are exciting, tense and cleverly devised. A great cast of characters, Mackie especially and there’s good interaction between him and Logan. The pace is maintained from the beginning with a fast-moving story and the twist at the end is totally unexpected. A strong, dramatic and enjoyable debut novel.

  • Victoria Goldman
    2019-05-20 14:20

    Dance with the Enemy will appeal to fans of Jack Reacher and Ben Hope. The book contains a bit of everything you would expect from an action thriller - fast-paced writing, dramatic chase scenes, deception, revenge and even a hint of romance.Carl Logan is a special agent, rescued from life as an unruly teenager with little future and trained to become a killing machine. He has a habit of acting before thinking, which can leave disaster and dead bodies in his wake. Yet he gets the villain in the end.The action kicks off straight away, which really drew me into the story, and I found the book hard to put down. I loved the well-developed characters, particular Logan and his interaction with his boss Mackie and FBI agent Grainger (which brought out his softer side).I couldn't wait to read the next book - Rise of the Enemy - so read it almost straight after this one. I hope a third Carl Logan book is in the planning.I received an Advanced Reader Copy from the publisher through NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Dan Abubakar
    2019-05-22 11:14

    When Frank Modena, the attorney general of the United States is kidnapped, Carl Logan, a flawed agent who is trying to recover from a near death experience is called back to the field to investigate and find the US attorney general.That is basically how this fantastic thriller starts. From then, it's top notch writing and great story telling. I was completely drawn to the story and especially the characters. I also love the relationship between Logan and his boss. Unlike most spy thrillers, Logan's boss actually does seem to care for him like a father his son.Fast paced, exciting and a very commendable plot, Dance with the Enemy is the kind of book that while you want to see it end, you don’t want to see it end because you are having a great time reading it.Something any thriller enthusiast should check out.

  • Alan Marston
    2019-05-08 15:32

    This is one rip-roaring roller coaster ride involving Carl Logan, a very damaged individual who works for an organisation jointly funded by the US and the U.K. Set off to try and find what has happened to the US Attorney General who has been kidnapped in Paris, he becomes involved with a Federal Agent, Angela Grainger, also with a past. When Selim, a long time target for Logan, becomes involved the whole matter escalates into something else entirely. Logan is good at what he does which involves harming others and also making many enemies. Most of the story is set in France. There is quite an amount of violence and action, and it really motors on with just a few calmer moments helping to provide explanations and background. I look forward to the next in the series.

  • Kerry
    2019-05-03 11:35

    Carl Logan is a mysterious character, but this helps to make him one of the best agents the JIA has. He is sent to Paris on a private mission to rescue Modena, who had been elaborately kidnapped. Could this be his chance to seek his revenge on Selim at the same time?When he crosses paths with FBI agent Grainger, the chemistry between them is immediate. He doesn't trust easily, but something about her makes him trust her. He's never felt like that about anyone. Could they solve this case together even though he's used to being a lone wolf? This is a good read, with a fast paced storyline and a good twist! I look forward to reading book 2.

  • Todd Simpson
    2019-05-26 16:14

    Excellent Book. It was recommended that I read Rob Sinclair's books and I haven't been disappointed. He has a talent for writing Action Thrillers, that grab your attention and keeps it throughout the story. The main character is Agent Carl Logan, who finds himself in the thick of the action. There's always something happening in this story, and it moves along at a good pace. I also liked the FBI Agent Angela Grainger, and the Interaction she has with Logan. I'm looking forward to book two.

  • Anna
    2019-05-24 14:21

    Dance with the Enemy - upon reading the prologue I just knew this was going to be my kind of book and it did not disappoint. It is an exciting, fast paced, action packed mystery thriller which had me hooked from start to finish. A real page turner which was hard the put down with it's twists and turns and explosive finale.Well done Mr Sinclair, this is a great read and I highly recommend it.

  • Michael P. Jennings
    2019-05-10 16:23

    A mostly unbelievably romp through Scotland.There were so many unbelievable parts of this book I hardly know where to begin. Both main characters were immature, emotional wrecks and the romantic relationship they pulled from the ashes of this plot was downright preadolescent. Disappointing and difficult to finish.