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Charles “Chance” Endicott is a Police Chief of small town, Round River, who likes to also go on patrol with his officers. Though confident in his job, he lacks self-esteem when it comes to looking at himself in the mirror. A painful past broke him down and he doubts his worth as a man, as a person.Evan Manetti is a lawyer who wants to get away from the big city life as a pCharles “Chance” Endicott is a Police Chief of small town, Round River, who likes to also go on patrol with his officers. Though confident in his job, he lacks self-esteem when it comes to looking at himself in the mirror. A painful past broke him down and he doubts his worth as a man, as a person.Evan Manetti is a lawyer who wants to get away from the big city life as a partner in a lucrative law firm to settle down and open his own practice in Round River. Oh, yeah, he’s also the town’s new Mayor. And he’s trying to keep his past as far away from him as possible.One encounter paves the way for a formidable friendship that gives them the basis for what both men truly need – love and each other....

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chance encounter Reviews

  • Breann
    2019-01-23 03:27

    I feel like this really could have been good. All the pieces were there. Police Chief? CHECKDamaged Hero(es)? CHECKHurt/Comfort theme? CHECK The potential was there. But, unfortunately, this really fell short for me.The characters and dialogue were very stilted and unnatural. There was so much telling, telling, telling that I never really felt anything. Chance has some self esteem issues from his past. He brings this up constantly and is always calling himself a loser. Um, dude, you're a police chief. In what universe does that make you a loser? Anyway, he kept saying that he felt inadequate compared to Evan, but I never really felt that he felt that way. I get why he would have complexes based on the abuse from his past. But it was just words to me. Annoying words, to be honest.Also, why did he feel like he wasn't good enough for Evan? What was so great about Evan? I'd like to know. He wasn't a bad guy, but nobody special. He pushed Chance to come clean about his past when he had secrets himself! Um, no. Not okay. He lost my vote then and there.Then there was just drama at every turn. Someone (read: everyone) was gay, someone was a (kind-of) stalker, someone tried to murder someone, estranged family, past abuse... yadda. It wasn't angst, just drama. Melodrama. Like I said, there was something there. The bare bones of the book were good. It fell short in the writing style. It felt unpolished and in need of... I don't know, just more practice, maybe? I'm no writer, by any stretch of the imagination, but I think I've read enough to be able to tell when the writing just isn't there. Yet! Isn't there yet.

  • Gigi
    2019-02-09 20:37

    The blurb here sounded fantastic! I really pumped myself up and bought this at midnight on release day. Unfortunately, I had a hard time reading this as the writer wasn't nearly as accomplished as the writers I am used to, so it was very choppy and amateurish and disrupted the story enough where I lost any enjoyment in it. I stopped reading at about 50%, so I will not be rating this one.I hope the author will continue writing books, maybe concentrating on some freebies, because his/her ideas are great! The writing just needs a bit of polish and a good editor.Honestly, I never complain about an author's writing skill and rarely, if ever, complain about grammar and/or spelling mistakes, but when they take away from the story, someone needs to speak up. Not that I could do any better! My writing skills are atrocious!

  • Heidi Ryan
    2019-01-25 03:23

    Ok, so I read a lot of reviews for this and they were fairly negative so I wanted to read it for myself. I got it as a free read, so I had nothing to lose. It wasn't bad. It was filled with the things I love- hot police chief, hot mayor/lawyer/doctor, cute setting, you get my drift. I felt the believe factor was on the low side, but the story was pretty good. Chance Endicott is the police chief of Round River. He has been damaged by marriage to a sadist/jerk. Chance was never into the BDSM scene as a whole, but his ex husband thought of himself as a Master. He was so far from that, more a jerk and an evil mean spirited bully. He tore Chance down with emotional abuse until Chance thought of himself as a loser, not good for anything. The only time he didn't feel that way was when he was in uniform. With help from an owner of a BDSM club, Chance eventually got divorced. Everyone loves chance in the small town. The Mayor is stepping down, so he appoints a friend of his from college who is a lawyer/Doctor from Manhattan. His friend Even wants out of the city, so it works for both. Evan meets Chance when he gets to town in a storm and is driving too slow. They hit it off quickly, but Chances self esteem is in need of an overhaul. Evan is more than happy to help Chance and prove to him that he matters and is worthy to be loved. Evan's only secret is that he was a doctor before his father attacked him and tried to kill him. There is some drama when it comes time to meet the families, but some revelations come out of that. When Chances ex tries to get Chance to come back to him because he wants to use him for money, Chance and Evan are attacked and Chance ends up saving Evan's life and Evan ends up ending the ex's. This story may read a little corny, but it is a quick read and parts of it are very cute. It does have potential, the pieces are there and I did enjoy it.

  • Laurie Ather
    2019-01-21 23:15

    I tried to keep reading but gave up at 48%. The basic framework of the story is fine. This book just needs some fine tuning. I saw the word are used when it should have been our.And given the MC's professions, their conversations should have been a little more eloquent, to show they are educated men. I quit when we learned one of them has two degrees from Harvard and started as pre med before going into pre law ten years prior. (And kept up some certs. When would he have time for that?). And then the doctor at the hospital asked if he wanted to observe his partners operation?!?!No. Just no. I can't imagine that happening anywhere. Although I could be wrong, but I didn't buy it.And the author plugged herself when the one character said his favorite book was one of her own. I don't mind guys with a little baggage, but these two were TOO emotional almost to the point where they were acting like teenagers instead of the responsible adults they were supposed to be.

  • Michael Neanthriel
    2019-02-14 20:27

    Not much different with the other book. Filled with potential yet not fully developed. Everything is... somewhat super fast. The two main character is not leaving much impressions. I dont understand the time line at all until it says that 9 months has passed and thats almost at the end of the book. Unlike some books that sort of tells a story, this book makes me thinking im reading a text book or something. Maybe its just me. Anyway. I finishes it. So i consider it intertaining of sorts?.PS: i dont even kniw i have this book in my library until i've read it. And i was like.... "i think ive read something like this.. or something that reading it makes me feel like this" or something. It wasnt until i read the author name again that it came to me.

  • Rachel
    2019-02-17 03:37

    This had the premis to be a really good book.I don't know where it failed but it did.This turned out to be an okay book.The storyline was there but something in the writing style was just off.Loved the idea of a white knight in the form of Evan coming and waking Chance up and letting him become the man he always was.But nope it failed. Chance wasn't as damaged as you thought from the blurb. He didn't really believe he was useless. And Evan holding secrets back while trying to get Chance to open up not good.But all was well in the end. It was a HEA.I really wanted to enjoy this more than I did. But a halfway decent quick read.

  • L. Layale
    2019-02-03 01:32

    Didnit finish at :24%. This book is full of cliches and shallow writing. There is no plot, no character depth. The writing is painfully sub par and amateurish. I've read stuff better written by an 8yr old. It's all dialog with no mechanics to hook a reader in. The characters are weak this author should be ashamed to even be proud of this mess. And the reviewers who rated this more than 2 stars are dumb and should also be ashamed.

  • Furio
    2019-01-30 23:22

    Like every reader of M/M romances I am more than willing to cut some a book some slack about strict believability and consistency for the sake of a passionate interlude.In this short romance, though, nothing makes sense. Characters behave like overgrown children, plot is just a chain of improbable events and everything feels stiff and contrived, not to mention hurried.

  • Neek
    2019-02-01 00:15

    Worst Start to 2015Ugh. I thought I would start the year with some hot MM action. Well this book was not it. The dialogue was choppy and predictable and down right corny. The characters were weak (and that is putting it mildly). They cried all the damn time. That MM action I was looking for. The scenes were way too short. I personally won't be reading this author ever again.

  • Virginia Lee
    2019-01-27 21:38

    Love the book.....Chance was having a hard time getting over the abuse from his ex-husband. Evan had the Patience to show him that he was special. the book had away to show that love can over come all the things negative and bad.

  • KT Spille
    2019-01-31 19:09

    This book was an ok story and couple but some phrases got really repetitive. I also have a huge issue with authors mentioning themselves in their story.

  • Elaine
    2019-02-12 20:15

    A wonderful story I enjoyed it. It was well written and the characters were good.