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Sylvia Browne explores the many temples and halls that exist on the 'other side' and how their functions can truly change your life. Using meditative techniques, she shows how you can access these beautiful edifices, each of which has a particular purpose....

Title : Temples on the Other Side: How Wisdom from 'Beyond the Veil' Can Help You Right Now
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ISBN : 9781401915568
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 256 Pages
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Temples on the Other Side: How Wisdom from 'Beyond the Veil' Can Help You Right Now Reviews

  • Paula Cappa
    2019-05-19 16:14

    I bought this book at a library book sale. Before I read this, I thought Sylvia Browne was just another entertainment psychic and had not read any of her books. But once I read this, I found Browne to be genuine and intelligent, and a woman of strong faith in God. The idea of temples existing on the other side of our reality is certainly far-flung. By the time I finished the book, I became more open minded. Because I am a believer that the other side does exist and am curious to learn more about God, spirits, angels, souls and human destiny, etc., I found this book full of possibilities and thought-provoking. Soul transition is certainly not impossible, nor is consciousness beyond our human element. Browne describes these many temples (Temples of Wisdom, Justice, Resolution, Healing, Artistic Endeavors, Lectures and more) as spheres of activity (housed in very earthlike structures) that can serve those who have died and those of us here as well. She connects the afterlife into our earthly lives and that potential makes for a fascinating read. From a biblical perspective, Christ’s words, “In my Father’s house are many mansions,” Browne’s concepts here certainly expand on Christ’s statement with details and purposes that the bible leaves vague. This is an intriguing read if you want to explore possibilities of spiritual destiny. Throughout the book she cites God the Father as her source for her abilities and visions. “Because of Him, we are all in existence forever.” Speculating what’s ‘beyond the veil’ can be a worthy adventure. Sylvia Browne died in 2013.

  • Karen
    2019-05-07 16:10

    I have been a believer in the paranormal for many years and have always been intrigued by ghosts, psychics, and the afterlife. However, this book seems to be a huuuuge stretch. Maybe I first became skeptical of Sylvia Brown when I read one of her books where she purportedly discovered that physical ailments and phobias can be byproducts of previous lives. I had read other literature on reincarnation published years before Sylvia's fame which discussed this theory in detail yet Sylvia infers that she discovered this all on her own! At another time she claims that one of her clients was burned as a witch in early America. Another fallacy! Witches were burned in Europe not America ,although they were persecuted.This book was a gift to me from my husband so I have felt obligated to read it. I admit it would be nice if heaven were the way Sylvia portrays it but I just find it hard to accept that a psychic, no matter how gifted, would be privy to so much information and all from an obliging spirit guide. Ironically, even though I believe in all sorts of things from ghosts to alien abductions, my intuition tells me her books are alot of b.s. which millions of gullible people gobble up.

  • Rachel
    2019-05-24 16:31

    Great meditation places.

  • Laura
    2019-05-03 16:17

    Sylvia Browne describes the various temples that can be found on the Other Side, some that she has previously known about and others that she has just learned about. She lists each temple and the areas in your life that it can help with. Her premise is that you can visit these temples through meditation any time you want and that doing this can transform you life. People on the other side also have access to these temples for learning and understanding.At the end of the book Sylvia Browne has written a meditation for each temple and how to best utilize it for your highest good.Interesting book yes, but alot of it is repeated if you have read any other books from Sylvia.

  • Sue
    2019-05-13 14:34

    There was not enough about other planets, UFOs, aliens or even the shift of the Earth and sinking underwater.She mentioned that she was unable to formulate good enough questions, even though she had a viable source. She said she was on life 54; that one couldn't get much further than 100. Wrong. I'm on 864. This was regurgitated information. Gold doors? Greek edifices? This sounds like the "Other Side," and she made some good points here . . . but there's more. Thanks to Ruth Montgomery (who she did mention), Robert Schwartz Courageous Souls,Gordon-Michael Scallion and Dolores Cannon.

  • Qwanetta Daramy
    2019-05-20 11:21

    ExcwllentI gave this book a 5* because I have experienced some of the context in this book first hand. I ABSOLUTELY LOVE this book. I can read of unlimited times and still learn and experience déjà all over again. I recommend this book to any of those who has tapped into the spiritual world and maybe you need answers or clarification. I also recommend this book for those who are curious and open minded and most of all this book is for those who are curious and are open minded. Perfect!!!!

  • Mary
    2019-05-03 15:06

    Sylvia Browne brings fascinating information from the Other Side that can help your earthly existence. She explores the many temples and halls "beyond the veil" explaining how they all hold wisdom that can dramatically improve your life right now. She includes easy yet effective edifices, including the Temple of Learning, the Hall of Healing, and more - each of which serves a particular purpose. You can gain insight into how their attributes can help gain insight and help you overcome challenges - and enrich your life in ways you never thought possible.

  • Heather
    2019-05-05 13:17

    i loved this book. it was really something that helped me remember things rather than teach me things. that's when i know it was something that i needed to read. there's several temples and halls described in it from the OtherSide, the place we hang out between incarnations, along with meditations that help you visit there. the meditations are worded strangely at times. since i have done so many guided meditations before, and led others in them a bunch too, i am taking the liberty of rewriting some of the details in the meditations to better facilitate travel.

  • Alicia
    2019-05-18 14:29

    I know, I know. And I don't care. I adore Sylvia Browne. That great "whiskey & 2 packs a day" voice; her unpretentious tone; the intelligent & well-researched background she gives; and best of all, the unapologetic way she tells it like she sees it, and doesn't feel threatened if others don't agree - about every 10 pgs she'll encourage the reader to take what rings true, then find their own answers for the rest.

  • Stacy
    2019-05-02 15:13

    Definitely not one of my favorite Sylvia books. As other reviewers noted, some things felt like a stretch, some parts felt repetitive. Both of those things are disappointing because often I feel that what Sylvia writes really does resonate with me, but not this time.

  • Cori
    2019-05-10 10:12

    whether you believe in her messages or not, these were just awesome would be wonderful if all this turned out to be real...very interesting concepts that actually make a lot of sense...who knows? maybe it is real!

  • Krissys
    2019-05-05 15:23

    A good read into multiple theories behind a souls transition and the various places a person can gain knowledge once they are on the other side. If you're a reader because you believe or you read just for the fun of it, Syliva brings up some interesting ideas.

  • Jessica Gray
    2019-04-25 13:15

    This book changed my entire life. It has made me more spiritual than I have ever been. It has brought me comfort in life and death.

  • Kristi Newcomb
    2019-05-04 10:32

    It was good. Kind of a rehash of one of her other books. I've read them all so I was afraid of that. But still very good, I love Sylvia's style and candor.

  • Robin Murphy
    2019-04-29 16:12

    I've always loved reading Sylvia Browne's books. This book took you a little deeper into the "other side", and continued to inspire me. It opened my eyes and always, a must read.

  • Ruby Noise
    2019-05-24 12:20

    Explained to me what I think instinctively happens when we enter heaven, home, the other side.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-02 12:26

    Who knew? No description of this book could do it justice. You'll have to read it to open your mind to these wondrous possibilities.

  • Nicolette
    2019-05-11 11:22

    I did like it but felt like I was reading the same chapter over and over again, so it got a little boring for me. In the end it was still an interesting read.

  • Marjorie
    2019-04-27 15:10

    Very interesting book. I really enjoyed reading it, much to my surprise. I think I need the CD of meditations now!