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A woman hunted by human traffickers.A hot and dangerous bodyguard.Complete destruction.The end of civilization.The beginning of a new form of currency.Women are now the highest COMMODITY....

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Commodity Reviews

  • Jennifer Kyle
    2019-04-02 02:10

    4~ 4.25 Stars”I was her bodyguard.”A highly publicized whistle blower, Hannah Savinski is on her way to Washington, DC to give her testimony in a huge human trafficking scandal. On her flights she meets her new bodyguard, Falk Eckhart. Falk’s job is to deliver Hannah to DC in the eye of all the death threats she has received. During their layover in Atlanta, the earth is attacked and most of the woman and children have been extracted. What remains is a apocalyptic predominately male population in which woman are a high commodity.”I thought I’d already had the worst thing possible happen to me,” I say. “I was wrong though. This is worse.”Falk remains Hannah’s bodyguard and they do fall in love as these two struggle to survive. ”I bet you wish you never took this job.”“On the contrary,” Falk says, “this job has probably saved me.”The story is told in two parts. Part one being Hannah’s POV and part two being Falk’s POV. There were some inconsistencies and what I felt were misses in the story line but…creative license and all. Overall, this was an action packed love story with a kick ass hero!

  • Shay Savage
    2019-04-20 01:35

    You want different? I’ll give you different.

  • Michelle
    2019-04-20 21:38

    When I started Commodity I had some concerns over whether or not this would be my sort of romance. I should have known that I was going to love it. From the moment I picked it up, I could not put it down.Falk has a job to do. Get Hannah to DC to testify, and get her there alive. After uncovering links to a powerful man and sex trafficking, Hannah went from whistle blower to victim. Only to survive long enough to be thrust into a new horrific experience. No one knew what it was, no one knew where the women and children had gone. Falk only knew that he still had a job to do, get Hannah to safety – neither of them knew that when they surfaced the world as they knew it would be gone.As Falk and Hannah make their way through the destroyed town seeking supplies and shelter a bond starts to form. As they discover other survivors, a camp is made and they attempt to adjust as they sort out what to do. But with nearly all the women missing, one thing is becoming very clear. Hannah is at risk. And Falk is not going to allow her to go unclaimed one second longer.Commodity blurs the lines between fantasy and romance, but make no mistake that romance is the star of this story. Although we are faced with a situation of complete devastation, the story does not stray too far into the fray. With the lack of females and a new lawless society the survivors herd themselves into packs, some that are just trying to survive and others who are trying to take advantage of the lack of any authority. Falk’s job is to keep Hannah safe, even when it seems all hope is lost. There are a few things I love about Shay’s writing. One is the way she delivers the male POV in her stories. Not many authors can get that ‘voice’ particularly right, her men are not sugary sweet. The can be abrasive and inflexible – but it is in the moments they show affection for the heroine that we love them. Her men are all alpha – all the time. One other thing is the non-typical romances we get. I am sure she could write the hell out of a college virgin falling for the campus bad-boy, and I honestly would love to see her do that. But it is about the rough edges of romance with Shay. It’s the alcoholic asshole that is on a deserted island, the sniper turned hit man that can’t walk away from the thrill of the kill or the fighter who struggles to stay sober. It’s not pretty. There is no soft romance to be tied up with a pretty pink bow – It’s sharp and it’s brutal at times. And I love it. Then there is the humor. Because if you really think about it, you get a great alpha hero that is all sorts of a prick at times and you know those types of guys can say some of the funniest things. And Shay gives them their lines – we get an intense story filled with action, a love story that is smoking hot and then we get laughs at just the right time. Laughs that make you apologize to your dog because you just bathed them in soda because you were not expecting her to write THAT LINE! It’s tough to say if Commodity is my favorite of her books to date because Surviving Raine was epic. But there was just something about this story that I can’t seem to move on from. I can’t yet say if this bumps SR from that spot, but it is pretty damn close. If you’re a strictly romance reader who rarely strays from the genre, I say give this book a try. The focus is the romance and the rest is just the surroundings, the set up for why they are where they are – doing what they are doing. Nothing overshadows the story of Falk and Hannah and their journey of hope in a new world. For those that are up for anything – one-click this!

  • Lucia
    2019-04-21 22:16

    Writing this review was difficult for me. It's Shay Savage after all, my queen of suspense. But I pride myself on being honest when reviewing so here goes nothing...I was very curious about this adult dystopian story. Premise of this novel is great (the world where few remaining women are most prized commodity sounds unique) so I had high hopes for this novel. However, it didn't work for me and I had to roll my eyes quite often at what was happening. Guess I have been spoiled by YA fantasy/dystopia novels lately and this one fades in comparison.If you are reader of romance and want something different with unique setting, go for it. But if you are avid reader of dystopian genre and require rich world-building, you probably won't be impressed.Trigger warning: (view spoiler)[rape and graphic violence (hide spoiler)]

  • Laura
    2019-04-09 03:32

    SPOILERS I really didn't think this was that great at all. I was interested because I have been in the mood for Dystopia and I always like it when there's a little bit of romance thrown in, but in this case, the Dystopia served as nothing more than window dressing around a romance that felt weird and fake. There is very little at all to do with surviving in a post-apocalyptic world, as far as day to day surviving anyway, unless of course you consider trying to avoid being raped as day to day survival. There was plenty of that. There was so much to this story that was hokey. Too much of the plot relied on coincidences and stupid decisions made by the main characters. It's like there was a big, red flag when something major or bad was going to happen because one of the two main characters would do something or make a decision that was completely stupid or very unlikely.Hannah the main character was working for a large corporation when she investigates an accounting discrepancy that leads her to a child porn/human trafficking ring and one of the past victims just happened to be her sister who disappeared at age 14 when Hannah was 9. Hannah ends up being dragged into a van and gang-raped by the head of this company and his goons, one of those multi-million or billion dollar companies with a very public figurehead. This is done as revenge for her whistle-blowing. This is very unlikely in my opinion. Wouldn't he just have her killed? Would a public figure like that really participate? Hannah, surrounded by a group of bodyguards, is on her way to D.C. to testify when the world comes to an abrupt halt. All women and children and domestic animals disappear except for those who manage to make it underground. All the men are left dead in the streets, again except for those who manage to make it underground. (Some kind of alien attack or so most are thinking)Very little of the population is left and the majority is male - this is because men are more likely than women to have been in a place that was underground or near to underground. This is actually stated in the book. I don't even know what that means. How is it that much more likely that a man would be in a basement than a woman? Hannah, who is from Chicago and was attacked in Chicago is with her bodyguards changing planes in Atlanta when the world ends. Hannah's bodyguard whisks her to safety and then they make their way to the apartment he just coincidentally happens to have in Atlanta. And said apartment is stocked with guns, ammo and survival gear. How lucky. And how very convenient. When they finally run into another very small group of survivors, her bodyguard does not trust them at all. So he promptly decides they should stick together and all go live at his apartment complex. How does this make sense? There must have been a 50% off sale at bodyguards-r-us. He's right. They are bad. They are the nameless faceless rapists from Hannah's recent past. They just happened to survive the invasion. They just happened to find Hannah. Hannah just happened to overhear who they are and the extent of their plans for her. Hannah and bodyguard must go on the run. Too bad they can't do anything about all the survival equipment and weaponry that must be left behind at the apartment. How very helpful and useful it will all be for future sex traffickers of America Inc., when they get around to re-building their business. Did I say 50% off? All bodyguards are 75% off. How convenient to find a VA hospital still standing a few days walk outside the apartment complex. Hannah's tired she doesn't want to go in. She'll just wait outside. It should be just fine. Rapist goons won't find you. Seriously. The award for bodyguard of the year goes to....On and on it goes with the coincidences and the stupid decisions. It almost felt like the author couldn't be bothered to even try to come up with a plausible scenario that could result in most of the terrible things that happened to Hannah. And the rapes. Seriously, this book is big on rape. I really hate it when rape is included in a story but there is almost none of the associated emotional fall-out that goes with it. Other than an intense dislike of being touched (except when she's having hot sex with her bodyguard) the emotional and psychological impact of being brutally raped multiple times over a period of 7 months not including the first one are simply non-existent in Hannah. If there was one redeeming quality - at least Hannah does not fall in love with any of her rapists.That's the only one I can think of. I really cannot recommend this book.

  • -y.a
    2019-04-05 02:22

    1.5-star I have to say — the dystopian setting is laughable.Hannah’s POV in Part I just sounds ridiculous throughout. Then in Part II, Falk’s POV is well-written and he does remind me a bit of the book heroes in Surviving Raine and Evan Arden trilogy by the author.Commodity is filled with one-dimensional characters, extremely unpleasant, horrible events that make me cringe. Neither love story nor drama is convincing.

  • ❃**✿【Yasmine】✿**❃
    2019-04-26 00:20

    4.5 STARSGenre: Sci-fi/dystopian romance, dark & action elementsCover: 8/10 Writing: 8/10Heroine: 8/10Hero: 9/10Humour: 2/10Hotness: 4/10Romance: 7/10Extra book Details: Heroine & Hero POV; 1st person. Stand alone.Commodity is sci-fi/dystopian romance with a setting that is along the lines of The Hunger Games & Independence Day. It's jam packed with action, there's never a dull moment.I loved this book! It's unique, gritty, romantic. There's some very dark parts; death, rape, slavery.. They really added to the impact of this newly dystopian world.Despite my rating, there is some discrepancies. Some things felt overly coincidental or a bit off; (view spoiler)[the fact that her sister was kidnapped by the same people the h was testifying against, for a different reason. That two guys from said people had survived the invasion. How did the men just standing in the field survive when all the men except those underground died? (hide spoiler)]Even through those faults, I still loved it. You're going to have to suspend some disbelief for this one.Savage wrote awesome hero, as always, she spoiled us with action, gave us a bit of humour and sexiness, and topped it off with something different. 4.5 STARS for a book that kept me hooked and made me feel.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Fabi
    2019-04-08 01:34

    I've read most of Shay Savage's books. I'm a huge fan. I love the male leads that she writes. They are all unapologetically bada$$. In fact, I'm not sure I can name another female author that does the male POV as well as Shay does.Guess what Commodity has? Yup, you guessed it. A badass male lead. In fact, almost half of the book is in his POV. I feel like I got my Savage fix. ;-)Now to the plot. Where to start? OK...the first and most important thing I need to say is THIS BOOK NEEDS A TRIGGER WARNING. It deals with multiple rape scenes. Please be careful if you are considering reading this book. Know your triggers and take care of yourself first and always. The first half of the book dealt with the victim's PTSD, but the second half got pretty unrealistic about the aftermath. In fact, the second half of the book became pretty unrealistic in many respects. It is science fiction, so reality is not part of the story line, however, even science fiction needs a measure of plausibility. I'd say it came close. The plot needed twice the length to be fully developed. Some scenes were detailed purely for the shock value. In the second half of the book, the characters became more than unrealistic, they became implausible.In spite of some of the drawbacks in the plot and character development in the second half of the book, I would have still given this book four stars because I could still hear Shay's voice. And I love Shay's voice. But, as I do with every book I read, if it needed additional copyediting I subtract a star.So there you have it. My three big stars for Commodity.

  • Ola
    2019-04-15 02:15

    this is where i should just accept that the author bores me and doesn't do anything for me anymore. no point in me looking into any more of her works. don't know how she went from being my one favourite author to... this. oh well. i wish shay savage all the best with her writing and goals.

  • Urhomwen
    2019-04-09 01:19

    The only reason I finished this book was that I was traveling and there was nothing better on my Kindle. I deserve a medal for reading (skimming) it till the end. I have seen other reviewers comment about the laughable dystopian world-building but that might be the least of this book's problems.The main characters are both seriously annoying. Hannah, for being whiny and difficult to the bodyguard who is just trying to save her miserable life. Falk, for putting up with her nonsense and being stupid enough to fall in love with her. I know that in his shoes, I would have washed my hands off of her the first chance I got. I would have cut her loose and gone on my merry way.Both of them together just did not work for me. I had no clue why he continued with his job as a bodyguard after the end of the world. I would understand two survivors working together to keep surviving in a suddenly different and hostile world, but that is not what happened. He was always like, "you Hannah are my only priority, blah blah blah." It made no sense to me. She was a clear liability.Also, their reactions to the situations they found themselves in were totally off. Falk had a family (and friends, I assume) but not once did he ever think to check on them. I mean, if the world ended the first thing I'll reach for is my family. Not some random girl I met twelve hours ago. But no, it was all Hannah all the time, dragging her sorry ass from place to place. I just could not understand his devotion to her.With the addition of Hannah being a rape survivor with all the added issues (an aversion to touch and a distrust of men), the book became almost unbearable for me. And I won't mention the half baked secondary characters. Then again, maybe I will. There was the redhead Christine and her husband, constantly making (stupid) jokes about cooking rabbit and (view spoiler)[Christine's reaction to losing her husband when he went to rescue Hannah was ludicrous (hide spoiler)].I can rant all day long about this book. I cannot belive this author churned out this garbage. This book so frustrated me, that I will not be reading any other books by this author. Longest journey ever.

  • Aleatha Romig
    2019-04-06 23:14

    OK. Don't shoot me, but this is my first Shay Savage book and it will NOT be my last. I was intrigued from the first page. The characters were real and easy to understand. The motivation was survival and who can't relate to that? The horror that occurred and continues made my heart ache. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys suspense as well as romance. 5 stars!!! And not my last Shay Savage book!

  • ◆ Anna's ƦªϻƁℓℹռg$ ◆
    2019-04-11 02:15

    Really liked it! Overall rating: 3.5 starsWriting: 4 starsStory: 4 starsFlow of the story: 4 starsCharacter development: 3 starsHero: 4 starsHeroine: 3 starsSecondary characters: 4 starsTone/mood of the book: 4 starsEmotion evoking: 3 starsOriginality: 5 starsEnjoyment: 3.5 stars

  • BethNeeper
    2019-04-04 00:23

    FREE ON KU --> don't know about you guys, but sometimes I get tired of reading the same old, same old. In the contemporary romance genre the storylines can sometimes feel similar, start to run together, and just become stale. That is why I am so happy Shay Savage decided to shake things up a bit with Commodity. It is so different from what I normally read, especially the setting.It's the end of the world basically. Everyone has either disappeared or died, and only a very few humans remain. The storyline is one of the most intense I have read in a long time. I literally bit a sore on the inside of my lip because I was so on edge. My fists were clenched and my heart was racing with anticipation for what awaited the characters around every corner.Although this book has a unique setting and plot, the main focus is the characters. I liked how the extreme circumstances brought Falk and Hannah together and forced them to become close faster than under normal circumstances. The plot drives them to trust and rely on each other under the harsh new world in which they now live. Their connection felt believable because they had natural chemistry they were drawn to. The author did a good job of letting readers really get to know the them. Hannah broke my heart. She had been through so much, however, she was resilient and kept on fighting. Falk was a badass alpha who would do anything for Hannah and to keep his promises.The ending totally blew me away. There was a plot twist that I was not expecting at all, which made Commodity all the more fun to read. If you are looking for action, a unique setting, and connectable characters then this is definitely a book to pick up.

  • Alex ☣ Deranged KittyCat ☣
    2019-04-05 05:27

    DNF - 58%I can't finish reading this book. Huge trigger warning! There are too many disgusting rape scenes. And they are very graphic. At first, I thought this book very foolish. Commodity is made up of two parts, consisting of two POVs, Hannah's and Falk's. She is going to testify against some crime lord and he is her bodyguard. But the end of the world arrives. Aliens invade us, killing all the men, but abducting the women, the children and most of the animals/birds. Surprise, surprise that the few surviving men treat the remaining women as commodity and breeders alone. The first part is fairly digestible. Hannah is left with anxiety after being raped. In spite of her situation, most of the times I feel like she's inviting trouble. (view spoiler)[When rapists are looking for you it's not such a good idea to sit in the street by yourself and take a nap. And I mean it literally! She actually sleeps for an hour in the street. >.< And where is her brave bodyguard? Oh, his right around the corner, looking for medical supplies after leaving the rare female alone in the street. (hide spoiler)] She's painted as this silly, young woman who needs a man to protect her, but is not wise enough to do as she's told. As the second part of the book approaches, all hell breaks loose and the rapes begin. I just can't stomach that. Maybe men would regress to such a state where they're no longer capable of empathy. I don't know. What I do know is that this book is disturbing. And it doesn't feel like art for art's sake. It feels cheap and dirty. And I don't recommend it.Now I'm going for that extra sugarcoated, light romance to wash the dirt away.

  • Tasha Munyon
    2019-03-27 23:30

    Received an ARC from the author for an honest review. This is a spoiler free review.This is the first time I've read a book like this. Leave it to Shay to write such an amazing book that left me on the edge of my seat wanting to read more. It all starts when Hannah finds something on a computer at work that she's not suppose to see. She is then taken by some men who want her dead. When she escapes and agrees to testify against them, she meets Falk, her bodyguard who is ex military and sent to protect her. When she steps off a plane in Atlanta, terrible things happen. The city has been bombed and wiped out. Her and Falk are on their own trying to find other civilians, food, water and shelter. All of the women and children are gone. There are many dead men left on the streets. See what happens when they find other civilians. Are they trustworthy or not? Do you sleep with one eye open? These two are literally fighting to survive.You seriously need to one click this book. You won't be disappointed at all. And plus, Falk is really hot.

  • Honey~psychopaths&stalkers
    2019-04-06 01:19

    6 “GIVE ME MY WOOBIE!” STARS!"You'll never fully understand the power of the woobie," he says with a shake of his head, "but you have a better idea now."I believe this gif described me very well.Another winner. Another champion. Standing ovation. That's what. My god. This woman just outdid it this time. I still haven't calmed down from Surviving Raine series and then this. I wasn't expecting ANY. OF. THAT. FUCK. YES.This might not be everyone's cuppa tea. Hell, most of the people would tend to avoid this kind of book in general. But if you're up for the challenge, well buddy, welcome in. If you are interested in The Last of Us, The Walking Dead or Assassin's Creed (yeah, might just throw this one for extra credit) then you're all set bud! I get all these scenarios and actions in my little head and how it hit close to home. It is set in post apocalyptic and the women, children and pets are nowhere to be seen. Men who stayed on the ground are dead. Except, those who seeked shelter underground and a few lucky women. There are triggers all over this book and if you are not up to it, stay clear from this book. Mention of rape, gang-rape, dub-con, non-con you named it. I enjoyed my time. Honestly! That was intense and I was sweating the whole time when we reached Part two. I swear I haven’t laughed this hard after the book 44 Chapters about 4 Men. To sum it all up ; "Yeah, it's my woobie.""Don't make fun of the woobie." Her tone is serious, but it makes me smile."Yeah, you better not." I chuckle

  • K.Marie
    2019-03-31 23:35

    5 Falking Stars. Falk me.Review to come!

  • NightRider
    2019-03-26 05:27

    Seriously?!? I put up with that annoying heroine to get to the 60% mark and....(view spoiler)[ let's ruin the love angle we are building here. Oh, I know why don't we skip ahead 7 months. Better yet, leave it to where I hope the heroine is dead and I don't really care if she is found. Honestly, I was only continuing on with reading this story for the romance between Falk and Hannah (that was basically dull but I hoped would pick up and be built on) for it to be ruined by the "scene break". Fucking ridiculous. I was so looking forward to a love story built in a alien apocalypse/dystopia which this suggested it would be once I started reading it, only to come to....this. Now I get it, the book is called Commodity for a reason. However, the way the story went, it just....destroyed it in my opinion. Now if it had started out with the "commodity" vantage point and then built on the love aspect it wouldn't have been nearly as disappointing. But no. Then the whole "I will protect you" bla bla bla. Yeah okay. Great protection there buddy. I mean that point was pressed so much for it to go nowhere. There was also no reason to have any love interest since they were "together" a total of a couple days before they were separated for 7 months and he was all "I must find her" bla bla bla. To top it off, I just didn't feel the love story but I was hoping for improvement. Falk's character was the only good part in this story but not even he could keep my interest in finishing it. Plus I have made it this far and there are no aliens seen. Just "hints". (hide spoiler)]!?!?!?!? Really? ["br"]>

  • Captain
    2019-03-29 22:10

    Very disappointing. I have to say that I loved "Surviving Raine" I was just blown away with all the details and research that went into writhing that book, maybe that was my problem with this book, I was used to reading a story about a guy catching fish with his bare hands to survive, to these guys going to the closest abandon Publix and bringing back all the camping equipment,food, batteries etc. in a buggy.

  • Ela
    2019-04-15 02:37

    3.5 stars

  • Ailene♥
    2019-04-12 05:11

    I am always fascinated by dystopian-themed books. In fact, I've read quite a LOT of them. Maybe that's why this book had turned out to be unconvincing for me. Surely this is not the author's forte. It was so promising at first but there's just too many things happening that resulted with having no connection between the main characters. Some fvcked up things had happened as well that couldn't just be wrapped up in one book. Some questions and irritating situations/behaviors that couldn't just be ignored. Disappointed. I've been in a book funk for a long time and this is what I would get. *sigh* Anyway, kudos to the author for taking such a risk. This doesn't deter me from reading her future books though. I just hope she'll take more time writing them. Please don't rush...

  • Megan Fall
    2019-04-08 00:23

    I don't know how this author comes up with her story ideas...but damn is she good!! Loved it, loved it, loved it! I really hope she makes this book a series!

  • Bozhidara Krumova
    2019-04-01 22:11

    TWO STARS (not really, but I like Shay Savage and I can't give her less)Commodity is a book that captured my attention immediately because it deals with two of my favorite genres: dystopia and romance. An added bonus was the fact it was written by Shay Savage, an author, whose work I enjoy dearly.Now, what I expected and what I got were two very, very different things.Upon seeing the words "This is not your typical story" I was sold. However, I feel like this is false advertising, because this is a typical romance story if there was ever one.For once, the first part of the book made absolutely no sense to the story whatsoever. Matter in fact, the alien invasion made no sense. I feel like the book would have been much better had it started with the second part. The destruction had already happened and people were coping with it. The problems I had with the first part of the book were that Hannah's entire background story was completely ridiculous and was in no way helping the story development. Had it not been written, it would not have made any difference. I guess the idea behind it was to prove that her life sucked before that, but I gather nothing new from that revelation.Now, Falk (I'm not even going to talk about that name) is so goddamned typical, it pissed me off. Take a collection of every alpha male you've ever read - you've got him. I felt like I've read this story multiple times before, just because of his character.Another thing that drove me insane was how pliant and damsel in distress Hannah was. When you have a loaded gun and six men come for you, you fucking shoot! Whether or not you score, it doesn't matter. Try to save yourself. I can't even with that part of the book...Another thing that made no sense was Falk's desire to look for her. Bruh, it's a post-apocalyptic world and you've tapped her four times total and been in her presence all for several weeks. Nobody in their right mind will look for their fling so hard. Had they been married like Christine and Chuck, I would have been more okay with it, but they weren't even together officially a week. Book or no book, that just doesn't sit well with me.The book was just all over the place. Even writing-wise. No complexity behind the speech, no real thought behind whatever is happening..I know the genre I'm reading, I don't expect "Dorian Grey" but come on! I've read Evan Arden! I know what Shay can do. I'm just disappointed.I wouldn't really recommend. Sorry, Shay. Love you to bits, I just didn't fall for your book.

  • Angie
    2019-04-25 03:18

    *2.5 stars*Commodity started out promising enough. Hannah is on her way to D.C. to testify against a human trafficker. Falk meets her at the Atlanta airport with his team of bodyguards to escort her safely.All hell breaks loose. Explosions. Men are dead. Women and children have vanished.Falk is still under the impression he has to see Hannah safely to the Capitol. I think the mission is what kept Falk going under these new conditions. I thought Savage painted a decent picture of what the early stages of the after effects of a major catastrophe would look like. The split povs with the time jump was a nice touch. And I liked the Ehd reference. That made me squee a little.But I thought it was way too much of a coincidence the circumstances involving Brett and Caeser. What are the odds? I love dystopian novels but I wasn't expecting this kind of cause for the end of the world. And to be honest - I thought it was kind of lame. The story was okay enough but this made it cheesy. Not my cup of tea.

  • Debbie
    2019-04-18 02:16

    I had a freebie copy of this one and read skimmed it along with book 4 of the Unexpected Circumstances series. The sellout by the author in the last book of the Evan Arden series, the bad writing and knife-stab by the author in book 4 & 5 (of 7) in the Unexpected Circumstances series, and the swiss cheese plot holes in this one - have solidified Savage as an auto-avoid author for me. There are a few books I like by this author. However, I find that I don't like a majority of her work. Not sure what she is trying to explore as an author, but I am not taking another journey with her - no matter how short. This story did not even come close to the blurb. The world building is bad as well as the character development. IMHO, in the last 2 books I've read by this author, the characters are just cardboard cutouts - no depth. The book is boring and full of plot holes. 1 star and on my auto-avoid list.

  • ~ Cariad ~
    2019-04-09 03:13

    Beyond apocalyptic brilliance!As a HUGE Walking Dead fan, for me this was a real treat! It felt real ugh...I loved it! I'm completely in awe of every book that Shay writes, in this one she even manages to give us a terrific HEA in the midst of a destroyed world! AMAZING!

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-07 21:39

    I almost bypassed this book because it's generally not a genre I read. I decided to give it a go because I really liked some of the author's other work. I'm really glad I did. I didn't want to put it down. I was intrigued by the prologue and completely sucked in by the middle of the first chapter.

  • ZARIA (Sheldon Cooper lover)
    2019-03-28 04:19

    Disappointed. *sigh* Premise of this novel is great however, it didn't work for me.....

  • TeresaHarman
    2019-03-29 22:22

    It's the end of the world as we know it...full review on our blog.

  • Kristiej
    2019-04-10 01:39

    I did a review not long ago that had quite a number of excellent reviews that I gave low marks to and said that often this happens. A book that others enjoyed didn’t fare nearly as well with me. Well this is an example of the opposite. Once I finished it I went looking at other reviews and a number of readers didn’t like this one. On the other hand, I quite enjoyed it. It takes a great deal of suspension of belief and if abuse of women is a hot button, best to avoid it. But I was able to suspend belief and keep in mind this is fiction and not real, so it worked quite well. A couple of years ago I read Transcendence by the same author and that book blew me out of the water with its impact. Though this one didn’t have quite the same impact, still I liked it more than some.Our heroine Hannah is flying to Washington DC to testify against the leader of a white slavery ring. This is a very powerful person with contacts in very high places so she is to be protected starting when she lands in Atlanta for a transfer. But their flight is delayed and before she catches the next plane, life on earth as she knows it is over. Falk, her main protector and Hannah are walking through the airport when a series of bomb blasts begin, coming from all over. He rushes her down to the subway and down the deepest part until the bombing has stopped. Once they emerge, it’s like they walked into hell. Most of the city seems to be flattened and the ground is littered with dead bodies. But oddly, all the bodies are men. There seem to be no women or children in sight. It seems as if they are the only two people who survived.They make their way to Falk’s place which is still standing and load up on supplies they think they might need. They also need to take time to help Hannah who suffered a pretty bad wound to her leg. They aren’t quite sure what to do as this is now a world they don’t know. During their wanderings, they come across others who have survived this apocalyptic event and begin to band together. But it doesn’t take long for the completely unbalanced ratio of men to women starts becoming an issue and after a series of events, Falk and Hannah are forced to strike out on their own. Only once again Hannah is captured by the same evil forces that had held her in captivity before the world changed. Falk is devastated as the feelings he had felt for her right from the beginning had only grown stronger. Can he rescue her from a fate worse than death?This was a very fast paced adventure. I had trouble putting it down as I always wanted to know what was going to happen next. I quite liked Falk. He reminded me of Kevin Costner in The Bodyguard. He was determined to be calm and collected and had admired Hannah right from the beginning for her bravery in surviving being captured, held captive and raped by the slavery ring when she blew the whistle on them. He’s very alpha and his only mission is to make sure he keeps her safe at any cost. Once their world changes, he lets down the barrier of professionalism and lets her know of his attraction. Hannah on the other hand, was a bit more problematic for me. I liked her but she had a few TSTL moments when she didn’t listen to Falk and she managed to land into trouble. I put it down to naiveté and too trusting in this new reality they live in, but when it happened more than once, well, I was wishing she listened to him.Though there is rape in this book and I know this will be a turn off for many, it’s not explicit, more implied. So while I would normally recommend this one without reservations, this one needs a warning for any reader with hot buttons.