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When the heartfelt wish of an English earl causes a modern woman to be swept back in time, fairy magic and true love are the answers to happiness....

Title : The Changeling Bride (Timeswept) (Heartspell)
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ISBN : 9780505523426
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The Changeling Bride (Timeswept) (Heartspell) Reviews

  • Courtney
    2019-05-05 15:21

    When I picked this up I was kinda curious... I don't usually read the fantasy-romance. I have never picked up a romance containing vampires, aliens, ghosts or time travel. I did read Jude Deveraux's Wishes and wasn't too fond of it. But I have to say that this book was better than I was expecting.The heroine gets thrown back in time to marry an earl. Needless to say, she is constantly worrying about how to handle certain bodily functions, i.e. 'Where to go to the bathroom?' and 'what the hell do I do when I get my period?' At first I was a little discomforted by this. Normally someone talking about peeing in a pot takes my mind off the whole Romance aspect of the story. but I can't really hold it against the author, if I were thrust back in time I would definitely not know where to take a piss.There was, however, a severe lack of relationship between the hero and heroine. She is just constantly thinking that she will get to go home and he is just thinking that this bitch be crazy. When they finally admit that they had feelings for each other, I was kind of like...What the hell? Where did this come from? SHeesh. There were a lot of problems left unreconciled by the end, and I was kinda disappointed to not see their conclusions.. Overall though,I am not sorry I read this book. It was very enjoyable.

  • Maureen Feeney
    2019-04-25 16:31

    WAS I READING THE SAME BOOK ?? After seeing all the great ratings and knowing I was the only one that didn't like it' I was tempted to leave a 2* and not make any comment but thought it would be better to be honest and leave my opinion.Nothing worked for me in this book.First we have time travel by fairy dust and a free husband coupon! This combination might have worked if the book was witty and humorus but it was neither.Then we have our Heroine Elle, I just couldn't like her.,there was no chemistry or believable passion between her and Henry. She spent the entire book wanting to go home and seemed indifferent to Henry and then suddenly she is upset cause he dosn't love her?The saving grace in this book is Henry,(I liked him even though I found his quick acceptance of her previous lovers unbelievable)If this book is meant to be a humorous light read, then all the above points should have fitted in quite well, but I found no humour whatsoever.I knew when I found myself wondering how the decorating of Henry's home was going,that I couldn't care less about the H/HTry Julia Quinn or some of Lindsay Sands if you want light funny silly 5* reads' at least you will laugh.

  • ★shawn
    2019-05-19 10:22

    A unique premise for a romance novel - time-traveling as a result of fairy magic to take the place of someone else. It was cute and I like how she had the balls to leave him at the end when he was being an ass and how he traveled forward through time to win her back. I also liked the sub-story with the great-grandmother.

  • Inn Auni
    2019-05-21 16:20

    In order to procure the cash necessary to rebuild his estate, the Earl of Allsbrook decided to barter his title and his future: he would marry the willful daughter of a wealthy merchant. True, she was pleasing in form and face, and she had an eye for fashion. Still, deep in his heart, Henry wished to marry for love.As a modern woman, Wilhemina March was leery of the importance her brother put upon marriage. She certainly never dreamt of being wedded to an earl in Georgian England or of a fairy debt that might give her just such an opportunity. But suddenly, after one midsummer night's prayer and a sweet kiss in a long ago time and a faraway place, Elle saw that the much ado was about something after all.

  • Jadira
    2019-05-23 10:34

    Historical Romance about faries and time travel. What a great read it was. Def recommend!

  • Jan Warner
    2019-05-02 12:18

    Loved ItYes it's a fantasy, Never happen in the real world, But this Author has a way of making you forget that, feels like just maybe....It could happen! What a great escape!

  • Sönïa Dhillion
    2019-05-09 11:15

    This book was a sweet surprise. I was doubtful but it fulfilled all my expectations . This story was more realistic you see I have lots of books historic and fantasy with the same time travel situation. So what I found different from the other book was the heroine in this book has realistic reactions. Which in most books doesn't necessarily happen the heroine just behave a bit hysterical initially at the start then its fine. But in this book Elle was smart she was scared but she pretended and never gave but her reactions were continues . book his really good not so much steamy but its still great.The only reason I only gave the book 4stars is that have et not found a book were the hero has expressed his passion. I mean after the I don't like her but now I do and all confusion we get the sudden realisation of I love you. Then please forgive me but where is the passion. In time travel we understand the hero and heroine feelings. The heroine is always deeply in love and I know some have sex but that's sexual . What about passionate expression of feelings, deep , love ?.

  • Kerry
    2019-05-18 12:05

    Two people, from two very different centuries, are about to be brought together. Wilhelmina March, more commonly known as Elle, is a modern girl tired of her brother's attempts at matchmaking. When she helps a old, homeless woman, she is given a voucher for 'one free husband'. Thinking it a joke, she redeems it, asking for a man who will be polite, have a big house and not expect her to dote on him. Henry, the earl of Allsbrook, is about to be married to a wealthy merchant's daughter for the money she will bring him to repair his estates. He expects a woman who will know her place as his countess and trouble him as little as possible. I saw this reviewed on the All About Romance website, where the reviewer praised the book saying that it considered the sort of things a modern heroine would be worrying about if she found herself in Georgian England (or anywhere else in the past for that matter). She worries about the big things like birth control and what to do at "that time of the month" as well as the little things like the pain of wearing a corset and the inevitable growth of her armpit hair.[Copied across from Library Thing; 27 September 2012]

  • Griffinyarn
    2019-05-18 16:11

    Rating: 2.5 starsThis book was very different from any other time-travel romance I've read. I'm still not sure what to make of it.The story really revolves around the heroine (and her flatulent dog - BTW was that supposed to be humorous?) and how she adapts to life two centuries ago. So although there is some bedroom action (view spoiler)[as well as some fairy-influenced outdoor romping (not sure how I feel about that) (hide spoiler)] the romance isn't developed as much as I would have wished.Many of the other characters (e.g. the sister, the maid, the boy-fairy) are 1-dimensional. I'm still not sure what the point of the subplot about the sister's romance was... to portray her as shallow? To make the heroine even more discombobulated?All that aside, it was an original spin of the time-travel plot, and was a light, pleasant read.

  • Tabetha Waite
    2019-05-05 14:31

    I have to say that I really enjoyed this book! In fact, it was hard to put down at all! If you enjoying mixing fantasy with history and time travel, then this is the book for you! Fairies were just the beginning of some mischief for Elle, a girl from the future, transported into 1799 England, taking the place of a girl who looks like her to marry an Earl, Henry. I found humor in the way she detested the clothing of the time, corsets, powdered wigs, etc., and also how she incorporated her lack of skill of the past ways of life, with what we normally take for granted in the future, such as simple contraceptives and indoor plumbing. Witty, sweet and full of humorous scenes had me turning the pages! Well done!

  • Jane Stewart
    2019-04-26 16:17

    Very nice story. This is a good romance novel. There are faeries and time travel.STORY BRIEF:henry's fiance Eleanor in the 1790s dies of influenza and faeries bring Elle from 1999 to replace her. (We learn later why the faeries were involved.) Eleanor was selfish and spoiled. Henry had only met her briefly because he was marrying her for her wealth. Eleanor's father forced her to marry Henry for his title. Elle comes along and is a wonderful person with cautions and fears. She knows she time traveled, but Henry and Eleanor's family all believe her to be Eleanor with amnesia.DATA:Sexual language: mild. Number of sex scenes: five. Setting: current day Portland, Oregon and 1790s England. Copyright 1999. Genre: paranormal and time travel romance.

  • Cherna
    2019-04-29 18:10

    Nice little story. A fairy tale with a bit of time travel and a romance. The romance part was a bit lacking for me. I'd have liked to get a better insight into the kind of person the hero was. Still a decent enough romance with some hotness in the bedroom :PWhat I liked was the refreshing take on time-travel. Not that I've read a lot of books with time travel, but this was the first one in which the woman thrown back in time actually worries about having to go to the toilet and periods without modern comfort. She occasionally makes a fool of herself but also saves the day with her knowledge.

  • Roxie
    2019-05-07 13:05

    I don't think I can say I've ever read a romance novel before reading this. It was sort of silly and fun and harmless. It had steamy bits, humor, and some faerie mischief, with very little of the sort of junk my feminist-self expected to be offended by. Sort of like the book-equivalent of an ice cream sandwich: yummy, not particularly nutritious, but not as bad for you as some people make it out to be.

  • Sarah
    2019-05-26 12:11

    One of the best books I've read since Amanda Scott's 'Secret Clan Series'. I enjoyed how the author mixed in fairy lore with the book and how everything played out. I loved to see in the end how she was able to send word to her brother that while "dead" at that point she did no in-fact die in a landslide but rather had lived and had a husband and children.

  • Moriah
    2019-04-30 10:09

    This was a cute little book. As for whatever niggles one might have with logic, if one can accept time travel (which shold be evident from the back copy that this is what it is), one shouldn't flinch at how it's accomplished.

  • Cathi95
    2019-05-19 18:22

    (Romance 1999) I haven't read these "Timeswept Romance" books before - the premise is a modern day woman swept back into another time and finding the love of her life and a quite robust sex life as well. Quick read, some humor and a happy ending. What more could one want for a quick read?

  • Susan
    2019-05-18 14:22

    TT cont 2 past. Grt premise, stry, chrctrs, twists, endg wndrfl!

  • Seema
    2019-05-09 11:11

    Nicely written with realistic problems of a modern girl transported into the 18th cent.

  • Natalya
    2019-05-12 15:06

    Silly in some ways, insightful in others, a light easy read not to be taken too seriously, Henry had formidable patience with Elle

  • Kat
    2019-05-03 16:08

    Another "I'm on the plane and need SOMETHING to pass the time book." It was... cute. I don't think it was nearly as hilarious as some of the reviewers on Amazon seemed to think...

  • Nancy
    2019-05-24 10:30

    Good story.

  • Bernadette
    2019-05-06 14:32