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“I won't win her unless I win here” Dax Freeland is hockey's hottest stud. The crowd chants his name and the women melt their panties as fast as the ice he burns up. Foul-mouthed, bad boy Dax, takes any woman he wants. One time. Now he's named 'Most Valuable Player', he's got more important s**t to focus on. Like taking his team into the cup final. He's used to the opposin“I won't win her unless I win here” Dax Freeland is hockey's hottest stud. The crowd chants his name and the women melt their panties as fast as the ice he burns up. Foul-mouthed, bad boy Dax, takes any woman he wants. One time. Now he's named 'Most Valuable Player', he's got more important s**t to focus on. Like taking his team into the cup final. He's used to the opposing side charging him, trying to take him down. It's all part of the game he's armored up for. So when he's slammed by a freight train of players, crushed against the boards, how does one girl with enormous eyes pummel straight through the barrier and pierce his heart? Elena Just one kiss. I've never been kissed. I've never been touched. Roman doesn't like to touch. Not with his hands. I'm more accustomed to the feel of metal and rope than soft, firm lips. A man like 'Most Valuable' would never want a girl like me. He's a star. He's a hero. He can do anything. But one kiss from him makes me feel. Something. When Dax can't stop thinking about the girl who blasted his world when he crashed up against her, he determines to find her again. But Elena is caught in the shady underworld of the Russian mob. Property of a lethal gangster determined to buy a piece of Dax and his team. Can he risk losing the Cup to save her? Dirty PowerPlay is a full-length, standalone, bad boy sports romance with no cliffhanger. The next book set in the same world is Tomasz and Marcie's story, Dirty Misconduct....

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dirty power play Reviews

  • Racy
    2019-05-12 11:24

    I received this for a honest review. Savannah May and Luce Lefroy did a wonderful job. You cannot read this book without your heart breaking for Elena and totally hating Roman. I cannot imagine what it was like for Elena at such an early age for not only her dream and hopes to be smashed before her but her innocents to be taken away as well. She had live so long as Roman’s personal sex slave. She had to endure so much torcher that pain became a way of life for her. Roman got high on her pain. The more man he caused the happier he was. She was his and no one was going to take that way. Dax was a hockey player. He loved the sport and the different woman he could have each night but his heart stopped the moment he saw Elena. Her eyes captivated him. He knew one thing for certain, she would be his. I just love the confidence that Dax had. I also love how much a caring person he truly was. Roman is not going to let go of Elena very easily. Roman is a very dangerous man. He is part of the Russian Mafia. Dax is a man in love and he is not going to stand by and let Elena live her life in hell. Elena knows how evil Roman can be and fears for not her life but Dax’s life. This story is about hope and new beginnings. It is about love, compassion, and healing. It is also about how no matter how much in a dark place you are, not to give up and hold onto hope. Great job Savannah and Luce Lefroy. Loved the book.

  • Shani
    2019-05-18 11:25

    First things first, this book does have a content that may not be suitable for some! Luce and Savannah have teamed up to bring a super quick, heated, suspenseful read for bibliophiles everywhere. The story starts out with Dax who is a hot shot in and out of the rink. Some would say he’s accomplished that title through a few beds as well! In all his years of playing the game, he’s given 110%. He doesn’t allow the time for distractions or commitments. In true bad boy fashion, he hooks up and drops off faster than any game lasts. Why shouldn’t he when he’s the most valuable player and running high? He plays a good game, but does he have it in him to settle down at some point? Will there be a woman strong enough to grab his attention? What happens when the game isn’t enough anymore?Elena has known nothing but chaos and drama in her young life. She’s never known what it truly is to be cherished, loved or even treated nicely. Instead, she has been beaten down on the inside and the out. Sadly, it started out from someone who should have taken care of her in the first place. Instead, she gets sourced out and put into dangerous situations that will damage her forever. All she wants is to be free and perhaps feel something besides self-hatred and depression. Can she stop punishing herself for what’s going on if she gets that chance? Can she get away and really do something good? What happens if she can’t?Loved (positive): It’s awesome to see authors write about something that is so real and raw as abuse and trafficking. It’s easy to sit within our homes where we have a lot more freedom than most and turn a blind eye so to speak to what really goes on. I loved that bit of spotlight on it. It is thought to provoke even in the moments that it upset me. I do have my own triggers in regards to abuse, so that was to expected. I also loved the bravery and strength both main characters had. Especially Elena! The fact she was able to deal with as much as she did and get to a point of healing was amazing. Better yet is having someone like Dax who by many standards could have gone to the darker side of things.Not sure: (negative) I honestly wish there had been a warning somewhere in the description or blurb about the violence. It gives the reader a better chance to prepare for it. Some feel it takes away from the story, but for me, it doesn’t. I felt like there could have been maybe a little more to the book as far as explaining what the goons went after Dax for. But nothing major.Overall: I did enjoy the book. It was a good read that brought out emotions that's for sure! Luce and Savannah took a tough subject and wrapped it around some positivity in the end. Dax and Elena both deserved a happy ending and one that included more than just each other. Their world ended up being shared with many others and awareness being brought forward. To me, that was a big, big positive! I appreciate the chance to read their work for an honest review!My star rating: 4 out of 5 stars

  • Valeen Robertson
    2019-04-30 18:13

    Dirty Power Play was sweet and sexy, but had some scenes of abuse, so if this is a trigger for you, then this is not the book for you. Dax is the MVP of the hockey world that sees Elena one night at a game and decides then and there that she's going to be his. He doesn't know, though, that Elena belongs to Roman, a disgusting, evil Russian gangster who is trying to buy a stake in Dax's team. But what Dax wants, Dax gets, and he does get Elena. Only, it takes longer than he expected, and he has to be hurt on the ice (engineered by Roman) and publicly break with Elena first, before he is able to rescue her.I loved Dax and Elena together. He was so sweet and loving with her, it was such a contrast to his big brute of a body. And Elena was so adoring and appreciative of Dax, as he was the first person to ever make her feel as if she was special, not invisible and worthless. It was a case of insta love, sure, but not nearly as cheesy as it could have been. I think the cheesiness was tempered by the waste of flesh Roman and what he was doing to Elena.Can't wait to read more by Luce Lefroy, and Tomasz' story.I received an ARC for an honest review.

  • Beth
    2019-05-24 17:39

    A very dark story. Lots of violence not speaking of the hockey playing either. I often wonder how authors can write this deep or dark? where does it come from? Thankful that Dax comes into Elena's life. It is not a happy go lucky love story, if that is what you are looking for ... go some where else. 5 stars comes from that fact that it held my interest, had me wondering where it would go 'til the end??! a thriller on the edge of my seat ... very dark, must read.

  • didi
    2019-05-26 14:37

    WowI really enjoyed reading your book for the 1st time. It was heartbreaking to read about Elena but so true in the world. There are so many animals in the world like Roman and as many heroes like Dax. Thank you for bringing this book out and hopefully it will help at least 1person

  • Carrie Gubish
    2019-05-23 17:25

    Good bookThis was a pretty good book. It started out like a normal sports romance. Him being a whore. But then it changes for the better. I thought the mob trash would have been after then at the end but he just gave up. I didn't understand that. This book has drama, sex.