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Carnival Tarot - Sarael's Reading By Jory Strong Book 1 in the Carnival Tarot series. Sarael Castillo wanted to ignore the fortune-teller's words. She wanted to ignore the tarot cards spread out on black satin. Three of them, lined up in a row. The past. The present. The future. The Hanged Man The Tower The Moon For days she'd felt as though a dark storm was rapidly approaCarnival Tarot - Sarael's Reading By Jory Strong Book 1 in the Carnival Tarot series. Sarael Castillo wanted to ignore the fortune-teller's words. She wanted to ignore the tarot cards spread out on black satin. Three of them, lined up in a row. The past. The present. The future. The Hanged Man The Tower The Moon For days she'd felt as though a dark storm was rapidly approaching. When she looked at the cards, she knew it had arrived. The Tower falling, casting her into the nightscape of The Moon. Nothing would keep Matteo Cabrelli from claiming Sarael. She'd been created for him, her destiny written in ancient blood. Once he joined with her, there would be no chance of La Brama, The Hunger, controlling him. Her blood would sate him, her body would succor him, her life would give deeper meaning to his own so that instead of centuries of meaningless conquest and feeding, of lone pursuits, he'd have a companion at his side, a woman who was his in every way. A woman meant to live in his world....

Title : Sarael's Reading
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Sarael's Reading Reviews

  • Meg Kinch
    2019-03-25 05:36

    I didn't particularly care for this book. The hero Matteo goes after his bride, his kadine after years of her being on her own in the carnival trade. Sarael is unsure of the changes that would begin after the reading she received from the carnival fortune-teller. In Matteo's world, women are to be submissive, to obey their mate in all things. For Sarael, this is a little hard to understand seeing as she has been on her own pretty much for most of her life traveling with the carnival. Very much an independent, also with words from her mother ringing in her ear that if they find her, her life is no longer her own. I think a lot of the confusion and the fear could have been cleared up had Matteo taken the time to talk to her and not force everything on her. I really dislike books where men overtake the women with mind fogging pleasure and don't let them make full knowledgeable decisions. Or heck, even just a little knowledgeable. The way Matteo handled it, he scooped her up, sexed her up, bit her, and expected her to sit and obey with only the words from him, "you belong to me, you were created for me." Just not a book I enjoyed.

  • Kira's NetGalley Book Blog
    2019-02-28 04:37

    Quick, sexy read. Honestly, when I read these types of books, I don't read them with much of a critical eye. If the scenes are hot, there aren't too many grammar mistakes, and the characters aren't obnoxious, hey, it's a 5 out of 5, especially if it was a free ebook. What can I say, my standards aren't high but the story gets the job done so win win for all involved! In this story, Sarael is whisked away in infancy by her mother who has basically gone bonkers with love for a man who only wanted to use her to gain more power. Now Sarael is 20 years old with no idea what she is meant to do with her life until the appearance of Matteo, a centuries old vampire who has come to claim her as his bride. Mild bondage and hot sex ensues while Sarael continues to tell herself she doesn't want to be trapped for a life time with a vampire. At some points I could smack Sarael in the head of being so naive but then I have to remember that no one taught her anything while she was growing up and her mother ran away while she was just a toddler. All in all, a nice paranormal erotica.

  • Janell
    2019-03-10 10:40

    I tried, but I just couldn't identify with Sarael, or understand her reasons for constantly running away from her so-called destiny (despite being beat over the head with it at every turn), and then capitulating to (and reveling in) Matteo's punishment sex. To that end, none of the motivations of either character seemed based in reality (at least not without some serious drugs and brainwashing). I enjoyed the author's Supernatural Bonds series much more...Carnival Tarot? Not so much.

  • Janina
    2019-03-26 10:53

    Vampire loveGreat humbling vampire love story. I read the story previously under Elloras Cave and enjoyed it even more with updated one.

  • Oleta Blaylock
    2019-03-22 04:33

    While the concept for the vampires in this story isn't unique some of the processes are a little different. It is also unusual for an author to have two different realities for a paranormal race. Finally I loved the Carnival background of this series. This is a world few of us know or will ever experience. I have read about the carnies and I have seen them on TV but it is hard to understand their vagabond life style. I guess, like the Old West, the carnivals are a place for people to hide from their problems or heartbreak. There are those of the human race that need to remake themselves for whatever reason and a group that doesn’t question but just accepts is a godsend.This is the beginning of a new series, trilogy, for Ms. Strong. These are all shorter stories and as so don’t have the detail that some of her other stories do. Ms. Strong does put in enough background so you can follow what is going on but there were a few questions that I am hoping will be answered in future books.Matteo Cabrelli is a vampire, but not in the sense of horror movies or Count Dracula. His race is alien to this world. Like most of the vampires that I have read about over the years he is dominant and just a little arrogant and overbearing. He has waited for a long time for a mate and having to hunt for her has tested his patience, not that he had much of that in the first place. He is caring for Sarael for the most part. He does make a few mistakes but he tries to do better when he realizes what he has done. I like Matteo and I would have liked to read more about him.Sarael Castillo has live with the Carnival since her mother brought her there when she was a small child. Her mother deserted her. A fortune teller raised Sarael after her mother left. In many ways Sarael is quite naïve and innocent. She is still a virgin and she has known no other life than the carnival. Being a carnie has given Sarael some street smarts but she is definitely ill prepared to handle someone like Matteo. She gives it a good try though and in doing so almost gets herself in more trouble than she can handle. This story is the perfect illustration of too little knowledge being a bad thing.There are some interesting secondary characters that I would like to learn more about and there is a villain that gets what he deserves in the end. This is a suspense story though there are bad guys that could have made things very tense. This is just two people trying to find their way through a relationship that was started before Sarael was born. Ms. Strong has some steamy hot love scenes throughout the story, more than might have been necessary, not that I am complaining. It would have been nice to have Sarael explain to Matteo her fear of being bound. I think that would have alleviated some of the misunderstandings that caused problems in the beginning. There is some bondage and a flogging in the story but that is about a far as things go. This is a quick fun read that most paranormal fans should enjoy.

  • Siry
    2019-03-19 11:42

    El nombre de este libro me parecio interesante.. la porada mas o menos..La historia empezo bien.. donde se da a conocer el futuro de Sarael leido en las cartas que le muestran.. ella misma siente que su futuro se acerca incluso sin mirar las cartas.. como se conocen, como el se la lleva.. el escape y todo.. me parecio bien.. creo que tenia mas potencial con el secuestro de ella, pero bueno.. el final de los secuestradores se me hizo demasiado simple..El amor entre Sarael y Matteo es algo imposible de evitar, ella fue creada para el.. pero aun asi ella tiene sentimientos hacia el con el poco tiempo que llega a conocerlo.. y el.. ha estado esperando por ella durante algun tiempo.. sabiendo que es "el amor de su vida" y la unica que puede calmar La Brama.Lo que no me gusto fue.. la parte completamente dominante de el.. y obviamente la sumisa de ella.. esta bien que se de a veces.. pero al parecer como termino.. el siempre sera completamente dominante.. Me gusta que los hombres sean dominantes pero no en exceso..Lo que me gusto de mateo fue su inseguridad al sentir que la iba a perder y como se lo reprochaba a si mismo.. aunque no su forma de afrontar su inseguridad despues de recuperarla..

  • Debbie
    2019-03-17 11:57

    I found this to be a very well written novella. I am really enjoying all of Jory Strong's stories.The concept of the brides in this story as being created from conception for the vampires was an interesting one. I liked how it would have been easier on the pair if she had been raised to understand her creation and that because she wasn't it added interest and a measure of independence to her. I don't like reading slave books or books where woman have no mind or will of their own. Sarael having been brought up among the normal's(as normal as a carny lifestyle can be) was able to attain a sense of self which stopped her from being a mindless slave. Her submissive nature was a bit off putting but her attempts to exert her personality and her escaping because she didn't want to be owned helped to take the sting off the submissiveness. A lot of action and interest in such a short story only 96 pages.Looking forward to book 2 in the Carnival Tarot series. Dakotah's Reading

  • Micheale
    2019-02-28 03:41

    Thankfully this was a free read, otherwise this would have been a total waste of money.This review is about the writing, not a repeat of the publishers blurb.The premise of the story is one that is not new, nor were the characters anything new. Alpha male finds submissive female and the chase is on!And, the chase is on and on and on....... This short story could have been written with a lot less words and repetitive action. Very little dimension to either main character. And, the villain was really not all that creepy.Bottom line for this story? I have read much better stories with all the same "stuff" and would have paid full price for it! NOT for this one tho!

  • Katja
    2019-03-17 04:42

    I have enjoyed everything I've read of Jory Strong's until this book, which I think may be due to the fact that it is an early work. The "hero" of the story, Matteo, basically kidnaps and rapes Sarael, the "heroine." The reader is supposed to be OK with this because 1.) Sarael was "made for him" and 2.) the psychic said it's really OK. That's pretty thin stew where kidnapping and rape are concerned. I read the whole thing, so I guess it had something going for it (still Jory Strong, after all), but I definitely wouldn't recommend it.

  • DemetraP
    2019-02-26 04:57

    This was a did-not-finish book for me. Since when is calling a clit an "erect knob" sexy? And the author kept repeating that phrase. I also felt like the vampire hero was dumb. He knows she might run away yet he leaves the bathroom window open next to a big tree? I felt like it was out of character.

  • Katherine
    2019-03-19 07:37

    Ok. Really uncomfortable with the whole “you’ve been mine since you were born, I’ve been waiting for you” concept. It’s a little creepy and, no matter how good the sex, it’s still smacks of forced consent. Although Ms. Strong does a good job of reconciling the heroine to her fate, and giving her some measure of control in the relationship.Kindle freebie

  • Amanda Kern
    2019-03-02 07:47

    Good bookThis is a good book. I read it a long time ago. It has stood the test of time. It is good even the second time around. I will be reading the second and third book of this series.

  • Heather
    2019-02-28 07:33

    I started out liking this book but the further in I got the more disturbed I found it. I've read books involving soul mates before but this one took it to a almost sinister level. Sure the sex was hot but the way Matteo obsesses over her just creeped me out

  • Mei
    2019-03-11 10:53

    Could a woman be more submissive? I absolutely loathed this story. Women were more objectified than anywhere I have ever had the displeasure of reading. Disturbing...