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She hadn't even known his nameAs an inexperienced drama student, Clare had been shocked and disgusted by the sudden and rough lovemaking of Luke, an older, handsome stranger. She had turned away from love—for good.Now, nine years later, Clare was a famous actress. She valued her friendship with Macey Janson, a leading playwright and producer, because Macey was willing to lShe hadn't even known his nameAs an inexperienced drama student, Clare had been shocked and disgusted by the sudden and rough lovemaking of Luke, an older, handsome stranger. She had turned away from love—for good.Now, nine years later, Clare was a famous actress. She valued her friendship with Macey Janson, a leading playwright and producer, because Macey was willing to leave it at that -- just friends.But when chance suddenly thrust Luke back into Clare's life she faced a strange situation that was a threat to all her relationships...

Title : Stranger in the Night
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ISBN : 9780373104178
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Stranger in the Night Reviews

  • Vintage
    2019-04-07 04:31

    Another very well done story by Charlotte Lamb. Unlike some of the more contemporary romance writers she takes time to develop her story and her characters.Clare, the heroine, was raped at a New Year’s Eve party at 18, and has shut down her physical responses to men since. Of course she never seeks any therapy, and for the era, early 80s, that’s not so surprising. She’s an up and coming actress, and in a way, she channels her horrible experience, her cynicism and distrust in positive ways as she is no pushover in a career that definitely takes advantage of women. Interesting reading this in the post-Harvey Weinstein era as the media makes it sound like rape/sexual harassment in show business is just now rearing its ugly head when the casting couch has been going on for ever. Ironically although she is shut down emotionally and physically with men, her long time best friend happens to be male. The hero is the long-suffering and patient Macey, famous playwright to her actress. They are kind of the dark side of When Harry Met Sally. Can men and women be friends?The friendship/unrequited love is perking along until the evil villain comes on the scene again and acts as another catalyst to the hero and heroine. The villain tries to make his move on the heroine again which she is not up for. His smarmy presence as well as the hero’s desire to punch him into the next millennium releases the heroine’s emotions, and she starts to see the H in a different life. Sexually.Sartorial alert: Villain wears a blue denim suit. I don’t know what it is with Harlequins and their men’s costuming, but please, a denim suit!Well done secondary characters are an incredibly annoying older actress that is so OTT she not only steals scenes in the book but tries to get the heroine displaced in a play written just for her, and the potential OW with eyes on the hero.Two scenes I would loved to have read. One, I was hoping for the villain to come back on the scene again as it would have been so satisfying to see him flattened, but the coward left the country. Two, to see Rowena, the older actress, get schooled as a minor character in the play.

  • Naksed
    2019-04-12 05:06

    It was a pretty great book, and especially in the context of the time it was written in, compassionate and insightful in its approach dealing with a woman who has been completely traumatized after a date rape at the age of eighteen.I loved the hero in this one. He has been carrying a torch for her for seven years, because a platonic friendship with her is better than an empty sexual relationship with another. They are best friends, literally finishing sentences for each other, communicating through their eyes or the most subtle body language. They sense each other's slightest change of moods. They also admire each other respectively for their craft (he is a playwright, she is an actress). Finally, they even enjoy silence together. What stands between them is the awful trauma of heroine's past assault and this book deals with the circumstances whereby the truth is torturously, slowly but surely, extracted from the heroine by the hero, giving her in the end the chance to finally lift the weight she has been carrying her whole life and begin living.I loved how the hero was so kick ass, threatening to beat the weasel who was responsible for her assault to Kingdom come, reassuring the heroine that she should not feel guilt or revulsion for something that happened to her, and NOT something she asked for or deserved. He was so caring and passionate. Yes, he had his OTT moments too but that is par for the course in a Harlequin and the author made sure to stress that no matter how he felt out of control for his desire for the heroine, he would have never, ever forced her the way the weasel did, and would rather cut his own throat than harm her.I was really, really disappointed by the abrupt ending, which seemed forced. I would have liked for the heroine and hero to spend some more time together before exchanging their I love yous and getting their HE A because as the hero pointed out, the heroine was still in enough emotional turmoil to not know what to do with all the feelings she had bottled up for ten years and he did not want to be her rebound guy, but her forever guy. Wish the author had been able to prolong their story into the rehearsal and staging of the play they were both to be involved in shortly. The play was written by the hero with heroine in mind. It was kind of a Roman a clef, with him guessing about the traumatic event in her past that had affected her so much and writing a play around it. It would have been nice to have them officially fall in love during that time instead of abruptly, with the heroine getting jealous of some other woman making goo goo eyes at him and deciding to brand him before someone else did.Overall, really liked it, loved the hero, but ending kind of spoiled it.

  • StMargarets
    2019-04-19 23:15

    This one was hard to warm up to. The heroine is brutally date raped in the first chapter and then the narrative picks up 9 years later in Nice, France. The hero is not the rapist - thank goodness. The hero is a playwright who has been in love with the heroine ever since they met a few months after her date rape.The heroine is so frozen that she doesn't really register what the hero feels for her. The catalyst for their romance is the date rapist coming back into the heroine's life and the heroine finally talking about it. Naksed's review has more spoilers and she also makes a good point about the rather abrupt ending. I also would have liked to see how the H/h handled the play he wrote about her date rape and the other poor actress who had a crush on the hero. Those threads were never tied off. Another whip lash moment: for all the the brittle sophistication of the H/h's dialogue, the heroine only has to say I Love You to break the impasse. That didn't quite fit with what came before.Still, this was a good look at the effects of date rape and why women didn't come forward back in the day (and still don't, sadly).

  • KC 2.0
    2019-04-24 04:07

    Drier than a mouth full of crackers.This book has the honor of being one of the most bland romances I've read to date by the late, great Charlotte Lamb. Even though the heroine experienced a "rough lovemaking" session (euphemism for a traumatic rape, gotta love the PC of it all—not) and the hero suffered unrequited love for seven years, I just couldn't empathize with their struggles because of the dry, clinical writing. I wanted to. I really, really did. So this definitely lacked a good measure of romance and angst for me. :(

  • seton
    2019-04-01 00:15

    I love how the back blurb calls Date Rape "rough lovemaking" back in ole 1981.This is a pretty good unrequited love story. Heroine is an actress. Hero is a playwright so we get b!tchier repartee than usual. Set in a villa in Nice, France.

  • Prescilla
    2019-04-09 21:13

    A nice read.I wasn't sure until halfway through the book, who would she end up with. I was so keyed up, i jumped to the last page just to the mystery... lol..I enjoyed it.

  • Femke
    2019-03-31 23:23

    Ik heb deze in het NL gelezen (Een schuchter ontwaken). Deze keer een niet ontzettend voorspelbaar verhaal, maar je ziet het einde wel aankomen.

  • MissKitty
    2019-04-19 22:12

    I read this years ago, in high school, this is one of my favorites from Charlotte Lamb. It was very different from the usual Harlequins of its time. For one, the heroine is a victim of rape. This was also one of the first instances where we have a damaged, commitment phobic heroine, which is standard fare now, but not back then.The description of the villain can easily be one for the standard Hero. He is tall, handsome, charming. A wealthy successful older man. The heroine is attracted to him and thrilled with his attentions. His kisses excite and arouse her. If this had been the usual Harlequin, there would have been a forced seduction (not quite rape), the heroine would have run away, and when they meet again, hero/villain would have forced her into a sham marriage for revenge, but they would have found their HEA anyway.Well this was NOT that book. In this book, the charming handsome rapist is really the villain. After the traumatic night, the heroine escapes and she manages to get on with her life. Nine years later the heroine is a successful actress. And her best friend/colleague, is the Hero of the story. He has been in love with her for many years, but has carefully hidden this fact from her. The reader sees this in his tender treatment of her, his ambiguous statements and the way he bristles protectively when they encounter the villain. The heroine has kept her deeper emotions in cold storage this whole time and seeing her rapist is the catalyst that forces her to mature emotionally and sexually. Though She hates the villain, this is the strongest emotion she has shown for another man in years. It puts the poor hero in a panic. The Hero was so sweet and supportive of the heroine. He knew she had suffered an emotional trauma that locked in her deeper feelings, but had not guessed exactly what is was. He had been prepared to have her friendship just so he could continue being part of her life. The heroine's reaction to the villain torments him when he imagines she is in love with the other man. He forces a confession from her and charges off to defend his true love's honor. He is a modern day knight in shining armor. I'm glad they got their happy ending.

  • Lyraa Levine
    2019-04-18 05:24

    This particular heroine has amnesia and thinks she is eighteen. She plays with dolls.. thats right!!!! Freaking DOLLS.. and then when she gets her memory back, she gives up her dolls because apparently she is grown up for them,,, N this lady is the heroine of the book and gets a sexy guy tooMan why do guys like dumb girls

  • Melissa Justal
    2019-04-16 02:05

    What I like about that book it's that what I expect. It is not what happen. Heroine is afraid of having a relationship with any man because of a bad experience she has in her past.